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Pondering On ISRAEL As Written in "From Time Immemorial"

As many of you know, who've read articles from the web site I contribute to, The TRUTH Under FIRE (, the primary site of which this RED PILL Consortium is an associate of, our endeavor is to:

"herald without compromise the Truth as delivered to the church of the LORD Jesus Christ by way of the Holy Bible. . . and also to dispel deception as found everywhere else, by careful, verified research."

This deception is propagated by the 'Matrix-like" machine whose cogs and parts consist of our so-called educational system, various political, governmental and religious organizations and corporations, and our public media, as well as other sources.

One such deception is in regards to the nation of Israel. Most of us believe the situation in the Middle East is as it is, based on what we see, hear and read in the 'news'.

This 'information' is utilized to further the goals of those who run 'the Matrix' in order to conform our views and beliefs in accord with the deception and illusion that is perceived as factual, when - in fact - it is a fiction, or as Joan Peters has called it, "a flight from fact" in her book FROM TIME IMMEMORIAL.

There are few credible sources that dispel the darkness of this deception that runs amok throughout the world, but her book is certainly one of them!

Here are some reviews of this tremendous work:

"A remarkable document in itself . . . The refugees are not the problem but the excuse." - Washington Post Book World

"Everything in this book reads like hard news . . . The great service provided here by Mrs. Peters - if only attention is paid - is to lay a groundwork for peace by clearing away the farrago of lies. . ." - National Review

"This book, if read, will change the mind of our generation. If understood, it could also affect the history o the future."
- New Republic

"Fresh and powerful . . . Offers an original analysis, perhaps even redraw, our picture of the conflict." - Atlantic Monthly

"The reader comes away not only rethinking the Middle East refugee problem, but also the extent to which propaganda can be swallowed whole for lack of information." - The Los Angeles Times

And on it goes. This book was originally published by Harper & Row in 1984. Joan Peters was originally commissioned to visit the Middle East and report on the "plight of the Palestinians", for whose rights Mrs. Peters was a staunch advocate; that is, until she actually came to Israel and saw the situation first hand.

Her report then took on an entirely different angle as she found her convictions, beliefs and presumptions challenged by what she witnessed. That report morphed into the 500 page plus book that I have in my library today.

Needless to say, this did NOT please the Power Elite, the unholy helmsmen of humanity's history (Recall Napoleon's famous quote:
"What is history, but an agreed upon myth?") and so when the book came out, they bought the publishing house and retracted the entire stock of copies produced.

Thanks to the efforts of Dave Hunt ( and others, the copyright of this book has been renewed under a new publisher and is freely available to any enquiring reader who wants to swallow the RED PILL and see things for how they really are.

It is my sincere hope that I provoke most, if not all of you to secure your own copy after reading these articles on the subject (You can order the book at Dave Hunt's web site mentioned above). I plan, LORD willing, to post articles periodically, gleaning information from chapters (there are 18 of them) contained in this book. Be advised that information shared will not necessarily be contiguous as documented in FROM TIME IMMEMORIAL.

"It was 1974, two and a half decades after the war against Israel's statehood . . . and these appealing, victimized people were still refugees. . . Why were the Arab refugees, unlike refugees on other continents, not yet rehabilitated but still in camps?"

"Because I'd assumed that Arab refugees from Israel were the 'Middle East refugees', I was startled to find that, also around 1948, whole Jewish populations from numerous Arab countries had been forced to flee as refugees to Israel and elsewhere in the world."

". . . some other key beliefs in the popular (and my personal) understanding of the Arab-Israeli conflict were shaken. For example . . . a seemingly casual alteration of the definition of what constitutes an Arab "refugee" from Israel caught my attention. In other cases [of what a typical definition of a 'refugee' is] the more or less universally used description of eligibility included those people who were forced to leave 'permanent' or 'habitual' homes. In the case of the Arab refugees, however, the definition had been broadened to include as 'refugees' any persons who had been in 'Palestine' for only two years before Israel's statehood in 1948."

". . . the claim that the 'Palestinian refugees' had been settled for 'millennia' for the first time activated my curiosity. The two situations were not compatible: what the altered two-year claim of 'legitimate rights of the Palestinian people to their homeland for a 'thousand' or 'two thousand years'."

At that point Mrs. Peters still didn't question the Palestinian plight, only the legitimacy of the 'two year' clause that qualified any Arab as a legitimate refugee. Yet she would eventually discover that the plight of the Palestinians was the plan of perpetrators who effectively created the situation to begin with: Islamic leaders whose intent was to take apart piece by piece, what they could not conquer by the whole, that is, the land of Israel.

Israel's long history is written in the slaughtered blood of her people, ever since that nation entered into Canaan land until today's generation. Yet how many of us are familiar with this history, even beginning at the time after Christ Jesus's ascension into heaven?

Joan Peter's provides a very good time line documenting this portion of Israel's history, and I will replicate it here for your consideration:

70 AD - The Romans conquer Jerusalem
132-136 - Jewish revolt under Bar Kochba; final defeat of Judah and loss of political sovereignty.
351 - Jewish revolt to end foreign rule; Roman Empire adopts Christianity [that is, Roman Catholicism].
395 - Palestine* part of the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine), still called Judea or Judah.
438 - Empress Eudocia allows Jews back Temple site, misinterpreted by Jews as a return to statehood.
614 - Persian conquest under Chosroes (with the support of a Jewish army).
628 - Palestine reconquered by the Byzantines.
633-637 - Arab conquest; shortly afterward, attempt by Jews to restore their nation.
639 - Muawiyah, Arab governor
660 - Muawiyah is made the first Omayyad Caliph of Damascus.
661 - Murder of Ali; Omayyad Dynasty begins.
750 - Last Omayyad Caliph defeated; reign of Abbassid Caliphs of Baghdad (Persian, Turk, Circassian, Kurd).
878 - Ahmad b. Tulun, a Turk general and governor of Egypt, conquers Palestine; reign of the Tulundes (Turks).
904 - The Abbassids of Baghdad reconquer Palestine.
906 - Inroads of the Carmathians.
934 - The Egyptian Ikhshidi princes conquer Palestine; their reign begins.
969 - The Fatimid Caliphs of Cairo conquer Palestine.
969 - 971 - War with the Carmithians.
970 - 976 - Byzantine Invasion
1070 - 1080 - Seljuq Turks conquer Palestine.
1099 - The Crusaders conquer Jerusalem, massacre of the Jewish and Muslim populations; reign in parts of Palestine until 1291.
1187 - Saladin of Damascus, a Kurd, captures Jerusalem and the greater part of Palestine.
1244 - The Kharezmians, instigated by Genghis Khan, invades Palestine. Jerusalem's population is slaughtered; the city is sacked.
1260 - Mameluk Sultans of Egypt defeat the Monguls at Ain Jalut, in Palestine; their reign begins.
1291 - End of the Latin (Crusaders) kingdom.
1299-1303 - Mongol invasion
1516-1517 - The Ottomans conquer Palestine.
1799 - Napoleon conquers Palestine, but is defeated at Acre.
1831 - Ibrahim Pasha, adopted son of Egypt's Viceroy occupies Palestine.
1840 - Ibrahim Pasha compelled by the Powers to leave Palestine; Turkish rule restored.
1840, on - English writers and statesmen begin to discuss the possibility of a Jewish restoration.
1871-1882 - First Jewish agricultural settlements.
1909 - Foundation of the all-Jewish city of Tel Aviv.
1917 - 1918 - Allies occupy the whole of Palestine, east and west of the Jordan River; British military administration, end of Ottoman Empire.
also: 1917-1918 - Balfour Declaration granting "Jewish Homeland" internationally approved.
1920 - British (pre-Mandate) civil administration; Turkish sovereignty renounced, treaty includes the Balfour Declaration.
1922 - Palestinian Mandate; Jewish National Homeland confirmed.
1923 - Palestinian Mandate comes into operation.
also: 1923 - Seventy-five percent of Palestine is set aside as an independent Arab 'Palestinian' state, Transjordan [today known simply as Jordan].
1925 - Hebrew University of Jerusalem is opened.
1927 - High Commissioners receive Commission for Transjordan.
1929 - Arab revolt
1936 - 1939 - Arab revolt and war.
1946 - Establishment of Arab state of Transjordan.
1948 - End of Mandate for Palestine; established the State of Israel; Arab-Jewish war.
also: 1948 - Eastern Palestine - Transjordan - occupies the West Bank area of Western Palestine, [and] becomes "Jordan", constituting over 80% of Palestine.

Please note that at one time, there was the distinction between Western Palestine and Eastern Palestine. Western Palestine was what we know today as Israel. Eastern Palestine was what we know today as Jordan. HOWEVER today there is no such references to these regions; Jordan is simply Jordan, and all of a sudden, Israel is Palestine (with no mention of either "western or eastern")!! And the cry by Muslims, the UN, the EU and even the United States of America is "GIVE PALESTINIANS THEIR OWN LAND!"

They were given their own land; nearly 80% of the land that was originally promised to the Jews, but then handed over to the Muslims. Yet you NEVER hear of such things today! Of course not! That's because such information would undermine the endeavor to disenfranchise the Jews of the land that they do possess!

*It should also be noted that the term "Palestine" is an anti-Jewish designation which attempts to disassociate the land from the Jewish nation.

When Israel was delivered from the land of Egypt, led through the wilderness, and eventually after essentially 40 years led to the land of Canaan, she was met with many adversaries, most notably, the Philistines.

Centuries later when the Roman Empire ruled the Western world, including huge territories of the East as well; also including the nation Israel. It was under Emperor Hadrian, who desired to break that nation and the Jewish culture, that made it illegal for Jews to own or even read a Torah, outlawed circumcision, demolished the city of Jerusalem and the Temple, and erected a pagan temple in its place. He also declared that that land would no longer be called Israel, but (in the Latin) 'Palestina', so named after her cruel enemies of antiquity, the Philistines (which had died off as a race several centuries earlier).

Thus was the term 'Palestine' born; be advised therefore that when ever you use that word (rather than simply 'Israel') you are using the term of her enemies.

For more about the history of this term, its usage both in antiquity and in modern times, and it's origin, please read this excellent article on this subject at the following link:

Thus concludes this segment of "Ponderings On ISRAEL As Written in "From Time Immemorial". Further segments will be interspersed among other articles dealing with a wide range of topics.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to email me at the address provided under the "About Me" heading.

Go with God in the Almighty, Majestic and Holy Name of the LORD Jesus Christ!

Nikaeo Aionios AVRAS!

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