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Reviewing ALIEN INTRUSION: non-fiction book by Gary Bates - part 1

I recently finished reading this book by Gary Bates, and the following is a review of his work.

I found Mr. Bate's book, ALIEN INTRUSION to be very well written, and engaging; his information is carefully researched and I believe he gives a very responsible perspective on a subject that is highly conjectural and given to speculation, yet passionately believed by countless numbers the world over.

Mr. Bates not only gives a reasonable response to so-called 'alien visitors from another planet' he also confronts the theory of evolution. If aliens who are several thousand or perhaps hundreds of thousands of years more advanced than us, then evolution must be factual in order to establish credibility to this other-worldly phenomena.

As has been verified in other works and research, Mr. Bates says that 2 to 5 percent of all sightings have no reasonable explanation (regardless of whether or not they are 'aliens') and that up to about 20 million Americans have claimed to have seen a UFO and even 4 million claim an abduction experience.

In 1947 a Gallup poll it was revealed that the majority of Americans didn't believe UFO's were alien space craft, but rather "illusions, hoaxes, secret weapons or explainable phenomenon".

In June of that same year, Kenneth Arnold was piloting his private plane over the Cascade Mountains, Washington, when he saw nine saucer-like aircraft, flying in formation, extremely bright (like nickel-plated metal) at an immense rate of speed (1200 m.p.h.) at an altitude of about 10,ooo ft. By the end of 1947 850 sightings were reported in the media.

Project Blue Book (the U.S. Airforce's project to investigate this phenomenon; previously there was Projects Sign and Grudge) and the infamous Roswell Incident came out in 1947.

Opinion polls today find the numbers of people sighting UFO's has escalated remarkably, and the popular view is that these "aliens are visiting us from another world, perhaps even another dimension"; many of these suspect that because "its happening to so many people - the government must know something". Seventy percent of the population believed that the government knew more about UFOs than it was letting on (and still does).

CNN claimed that a John Podesta, former aide of former U.S. President Bill Clinton was petitioning the current U.S. government to declassify its secret records about UFO's and other related incidents. To date, the government has not done so (in an earlier article on RED PILL I posted information regarding disclosure, and how such may occur during the Obama administration see -
Revisiting the E.T.s (NOT extraterrestrial terrorists?)).

Today a new 'modern' religion has grown around UFO beliefs. There are literally hundreds of UFO organizations and collectively, tens of thousands of books, web sites, and movies that have dealt with the subject. There are thousands of individuals (contactees) and religious cults who claim to be regularly visited by, and, or are receiving messages from, friendly aliens.

UFOlogist J. Richard Greenwell describes this as follows:
"The most popular and appealing notion about UFOs is the ETH or Extra Terrestrial Hypothesis, the idea that intelligent beings from other planets are visiting Earth. To some it is more than a hypothesis and can best be described as a belief."

Jacques Vallee, astronomer and renowned investigator of UFO's and 'aliens' said:
"Belief in [the] reality of UFO's is spreading rapidly at all levels of society throughout the world. Books and periodicals appear at an ever-increasing rate. Documentaries and major films are being made now by young people of the UFO generation (those who grew up in the exposure of this phenomenon) who have moved into influential positions of the media - many of themes of yesterday's counter culture can be traced back to the 'messages from space' coming from UFO contactees of the forties and fifties. "

Among the many famous and, or credible witnesses and advocates of UFO's and ETs are Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Douglas MacArthur, NASA Astronaut Gordon Cooper, and Marine Corps Major Donald Keyhoe (among many others) who himself wrote a book in 1950 - The Flying Saucers Are Real (now public domain; its chapters are hyper-texted).

An online promotion of his book aptly states:
"Virtually single-handedly Major Keyhoe prompted a quantum shift in our collective consciousness when he successfully shifted the credibility issue from UFO witnesses to the U.S. government and military."

Gary Bates comments:

"Although meant as an advertisement, it accurately describes how the burden of proof shifted, once again adding to the conspiracy theories that abound. The absence of proof is not an obstacle, it seems. All you need is a 'credible' witness who has had an experience, and then dare someone else - like the government - to 'prove it didn't happen.' Unfortunately, this sort of mindset permeates UFOlogy culture, making it very difficult to get a straight story.

"Some sightings have stood the test of time due to multiple witnesses observing the event. One such sighting occurred in July 19, 1952, when several fast-moving objects 'buzzed' the White House. These objects were seen on three separate radar installations, including Washington's National Airport and Andrews Air Force Base. There were similar occurrences a week later, resulting in the dispatch of F-94 interceptor jets. A subsequent press conference resulted in the largest attendance of t he media since World War II, and a Disney video called Alien Encounters even has footage of the incident, with the narrator saying:

"This is not swamp gas. It is not a flock of birds. This is an actual spacecraft piloted by alien intelligence - one sighting from tens of thousands made over the last 50 years on virtually every continent on the globe."

The film depicts some strange, foreign objects, and its correct in its assertions of what it is NOT, but it cannot verify that these are indeed actual spaceships piloted by alien beings. Read the articles for yourself

Mr. Bates carefully examines case after case of UFO and ET experiences, and in each of them comes to the conclusion that these events and experiences are unverifiable in regards to their actual nature, that is, there is no empirical method by which it can be determined by scientific methodologies that these are actually what people believe them to be: aliens and their spaceships.

Gary Bates gets into the fine details of evolution and trans- (or even inter-) galactic level space travel and shows how these theories are not at all feasible.

Ties between evolution and intelligent alien life forms and the legitimacy of both are indisputable in regards to posing the possibility of ET's. Evolution must be true in order for such ET's who are supposedly so much more advanced than we, to have evolved so highly as to create propulsion and power systems required to travel immense distances across our galaxy, or even into the Milky Way from another galaxy.

On a side note, when alien encounters occurred, people who claimed to have had conversations with them, inquired as to where they came from; in earlier decades, prior to our exploration of our solar system, they claimed their home was Venus, or Mars, or Jupiter.
However, of course, we later learned that such places were uninhabitable to any sort of life form, and so later encounters would 'expand the parameters of their claims' concerning the home world of these 'aliens': Pleiades (425 light years distance) is one such location; Orion is another (1500 light years distance). Obviously such locations are unverifiable for us with our limited technology.

Further treatment on the dubious theory of evolution may be posted from this section of Mr. Bates book in an article some time later. For now, I will focus on the aspects that deal with the real nature of these sightings and visitations from these so-called alien intelligences.

Yet before we get to that, it might prove interesting to reveal that writers, novelists, scientists and others that were/are the more prolific writers of science fiction and of believers of alien intelligences also happen to be leading socialists, humanists, evolutionists, etc.

Such writers as H.G. Wells (Fabian Socialist), Isaac Asimov (Humanist, agnostic/atheist), Arthur C. Clarke (Humanist, atheist, evolutionist), Carl Sagan (evolutionist, atheist), etc. UFOlogy and its associated fields of study and belief systems run counter to that of the Bible.

It would seem that in order to believe in UFO's and ET's one would have to adopt evolutionary theory as factual, or at the very least adhere to theistic evolution, and this would lead to a view of God as being something other than the revelation of Scripture from the Bible asserts. UFOlogists, and UFO cults routinely alter God and His attributes in order to fit into their own world view. Some would say that 'God' is a superior alien intelligence that primitive man mistook as Divine; others that God is an impersonal force that utilized evolutionary processes in order to achieve life throughout the universe.

To date however, there is no evidence to support that life exists elsewhere in the galaxy or the universe for that matter, even though astronomers and the scientists that labor in such projects like SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligences) for decades still search diligently. While any definitive decision on the existence or absence of extraterrestrial life would seem premature after these relatively small march of years, considering the vastly enormous size of the universe, it nonetheless is not unreasonable, given the biblical account, to believe that we are the only intelligence (sentient, self-aware) created. Or are we?

One must consider that there are intelligences, superior to mankind in the created world. These are not the sort of beings that tout glowing halos, fluffy white wings and strum on harps on top of clouds, but nonetheless these are, what the Bible calls, angels. Spirit beings of substantial intelligence, and power. One third of these fell from their holy position and rebelled against God and are now working relentlessly towards a universal purpose and goal.

We would refer to such as a New World Order; ultimately this is the platform upon which the Beast of Revelation will take his stand against the Almighty; such delusion and deception is stock and trade with the same sort that involves these 'ET visitations' and 'global missions' that they commission human beings with whom they've interacted, with. Missions of saving the environment, creating global peace, uniting all world religions, calling for a global government by which peace and prosperity will be assured, and so on.

UFOlogists and adherents to UFO religions believe that our 'Space Brothers' who oversee our evolutionary development, at one point in our distant past created an environment conducive to a world wide flood in order to purify our species; likewise these 'Overseers' predict that a future cleansing is coming soon in which similarly impure members of our species will have to be excised (removed) from the planet for the good of the entire race's survival.

A rather convenient means of explaining away the rapture of the church, if I do say so myself!

Some of these UFO religious groups, as well as UFOlogists feel that the UFO's are from a parallel universe and/or that genuine ETs have evolved to a new level of consciousness or spirituality and are able to communicate with us from distant galaxies (talk about your long distance call!).
In the 2nd half of this report, we will post information provided by Gary Bates in his book, ALIEN INTRUSION, regarding the evidence that the space brothers are contacting a selected few modern prophets who are being encouraged to rise up and show others how to reach their next stage of evolution.
For now, let me close with a quote from (John) Ankerberg and Weldon who've commented on the disparity between the ETH and what is really occurring:

" . . . how credible is it to think that literally thousands of extraterrestrials would fly millions or billions of light years, simply to teach us New Age philosophy, deny Christianity, and support the occult . . . Why would they consistently lie about things which we know are true, and why would they purposefully deceive their contacts?"

How credible indeed!
Are UFO conspiracies and intentional cover-ups of alien ships and technology themselves a hoax? In the famed Area 51, would we be surprised to find that there IS NO ALIEN TECHNOLOGY from other worlds, and that the very idea is being carefully promoted in order to convey the falsehoods that these are actual, physical beings visiting our planet in 'nuts and bolts' sort of spacecraft, rather than spiritual beings posing as alien 'space brothers' in order to bring powerful deception to the people of Earth?

We shall learn more in the second half of this article! Included in this will be a presentation of Gary Bate's material in a video clip you may find interesting.
In the meantime, perhaps you would like to visit Gary Bate's web site

Until then, remember who the real aliens on this planet are:

JOHN 17:14-16

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