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Its been a theme echoed time and time again in these blog and web articles that Anne Kisly and I have written, since the beginning:

We must stand for Truth, and against deception! We must disallow erroneous beliefs about the Bible and not tolerate the seduction of the church by the world, as well as by seducing spirits, and the doctrines of demons (1 TIM. 4:1).

Did you ever consider that Satan is consistent with his doctrine? That's because in order to oppose the Word of God, which is a constant for and of Truth, he must perpetuate the same lies over and over again, repackaged and redesigned, in his vain attempt to overthrow it.

There really aren't any 'new' lies being created by the devil; just the old lies in new terminology. For example, what used to be called the occult became the New Age Movement, which is now called the New Spirituality (something that Brian McLaren, an Emergent author and leader, says is something that the church needs today- "a new spirituality" (?!).

Just as there is a plethora of Bible translations, paraphrases and tailor made holy books, "Bibles for Plumbers", "Bibles for Lawyers", "Bibles for Housewives", etc. there are now an increasing number of 'Gospel versions', the Social Gospel, the Universalist Gospel, the Green Gospel, the P.E.A.C.E. plan Gospel, etc. This makes the Bible and the Gospel more about YOU than about the Word of God and the Message of salvation it brings, all in the endeavor to make it all more 'relevant' and easier for you to 'relate' to.

Listen! God has gone to extremes in order to make His Word relevant by exposing us to its Truth: we are sinners in rebellion against the Holy Will and Heart of God! Unless we find a way of escape we will be judged by this same God and found utterly guilty and condemned!
Yet God is love just as He is Holy, and so He provided His Son, Who Himself willingly laid down His life and died in our place for our sins; taking upon Himself the full and entire brunt of God's Holy Indignation and Wrath against sin, paying with His own blood, the eternal penalty of our perditious ways. 
He has secured for us eternal life that is infused in every heart by His Spirit that takes up residence within our own hearts, those of us who have repented of our sins and received Christ Jesus as our LORD and SAVIOR. Because of this, we are now, not only blessed with the promise of the glories of heaven for all eternity, but also with His sweet and abiding Presence and the Love that is Himself.
You want to talk about relevance?! There you go!

Jesus, the Word of God, God the Son became a man (JOHN 1:14), and lived among us, He spoke our language, He felt our hurts, He related with our sorrows, He knew the fatigue and weariness that this life burdens us with. He also allowed His pure and holy Spirit to suffer the full saturation of our iniquities and sin - if this isn't 'relating' to us, then NOTHING IS!

This is the simple Gospel; this is God's Word to us. It's effective just as is without any kind of modification, adjustments or embellishments so that it can be 'more easily understood' or 'relevant'. The issue isn't that we must find a way to relate to God, He has already done all that He could so that He could (and does) relate to us!

Still, there are those who are unwilling to accept God's Word or His Gospel; they insist that the Bible and the Gospel must be altered so as to 'reach this present generation' because "the old methods just aren't working any more". The fact of the matter is that such that say these things have summarily rejected the old paths of righteousness (JER 6:16).

The problem is, that pastors and teachers in order to keep their flocks are adopting non-biblical practices and beliefs in order to accommodate and keep this post-modern crowd of people (why the desire for big crowds, and expanding sanctuaries to make room for even more people? Start preaching repentance from sin, and living godly lives of self denial and mortification; talk about taking up our crosses and following Jesus, and watch those big crowds dwindle! It was the same in the days of Jesus!).

These pastors are making alliances with ministries and organizations that see the Gospel as "helping the poor, educating the unschooled, curing the sick, etc." Of course such activities are good and noble deeds, but contrary to what's been said, the church of Jesus Christ is not about "deeds (alone)", but these are founded upon the creeds that establish them! In other words, the Scriptures themselves determine what deeds are to be done and how (such as the preaching of the Gospel, teaching the doctrine of the Word, ministering to the lost both spiritually then physically, etc).
Rick Warren's Global P.E.A.C.E. plan involves Christians working together with Muslims, Hindus, Homosexuals, even atheists in order to spread his version of the Gospel, which is not the Gospel but another Gospel (Gal 1:6-7).
Leonard Sweet is talking about a "CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS" that we all, even non-Christians can experience if we allow ourselves to experience Him/It through meditative practices that have been used by Christians from ages past (he is speaking of the desert fathers, monks of the Roman Catholic church that employed contemplative prayer [Hindu-style meditative] practices as a means of 'experiencing God').

Others like Bill Hybels and Pat Robertson are endorsing a Green Gospel. Tony Campolo and Doug Pagitt believe in the social gospel, as does Rob Bell.
We have said it before, and we will say it again: why are pastors being silent about these aberrations of biblical truth? Even more to the point: why are they not warning their flocks and instead are joining forces with these para-church organizations?

PSALM 127:1
Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.

The LORD has built the house, the church of Jesus Christ and established it-

MATT 16:18
And I say also unto thee . . . upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

Because He is the builder, the workers need not work in vain, for the LORD is with us, laboring together in this tremendous Commission which He Himself gave to us (see MARK 16:15, 20; MATT 28:19).

And our Father is keeping us securely so that the watchmen need not watch in vain; just as the LORD Jesus prayed for us in JOHN 17:11. The LORD preserves those of us who are His (see PSALM 16:1-11).

So the work of these watchmen, those whom the LORD has established to watch over the saintly souls in the church (HEB 13:17) need not be in vain, or unsuccessful because of the tremendous, nigh overwhelming influx of apostate teachings, beliefs and practices. God will enable them, if only they seek Him and yield to His perfect will in all matters and not compromise or become slack; even if it means that many will take offense at their biblically accurate teaching and holy conduct, and as a result leave, taking their tithes with them.

What exactly is a 'watchman' anyway?

In former days in which castles, fortresses, and ancient cities were around, the rulers of such places would have guards standing on duty on the walls of that place, keeping watch for approaching people, parties and armies; they were on duty for the sake of keeping the city, protecting the people within, and sounding alarms (usually trumpets) if danger presented itself.

Just as they had walls that surrounded the citizens within, protecting and securing them within their borders, and kept the enemy outside, we the church also have the walls of wisdom, and biblical borders surrounding us as found in God's counsels of the Word; these protect and secure us. If any enemy were to cross those borders or climb up those walls (some way other than 'the Door') the alarm is to be sounded by those whom the LORD has called to be watchmen in the church!

Whether New or Old Testament, these watchmen were to follow after God's own heart, whose care and concern for His people are paramount in His Holy mind; for an example of how God cares and watches over His own, consider the following in PSALM 121:1-8.

And here you can read about the true heart of a faithful watchman:

ISAIAH 21:4-6, 8, 12
My heart panted, fearfulness affrighted me: the night of my pleasure hath he turned into fear unto me.
Prepare the table, watch in the watchtower, eat, drink: arise, ye princes, and anoint the shield.
For thus hath the Lord said unto me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he seeth.

And he cried, A lion: My lord, I stand continually upon the watchtower in the daytime, and I am set in my ward whole nights: 

The watchman said, The morning cometh, and also the night: if ye will enquire, enquire ye: return, come.

(See more good examples here: ISAIAH 52:1, 8-12; 62:6*)

* Note also that these watchmen were involved in the preparations for the arrival of the King; in those days roads easily fell into disrepair and were in need of maintenance, especially when visiting dignitaries were announced to come for visitations (See ISAIAH 62:10-12).

Yet how many watchmen today are faithfully proclaiming the soon arrival of our coming King?! Its being taught that we are not to concern ourselves with prophecy and when the LORD is coming back (that its "none of our business"??!), and those who have a high regard for the second coming are considered a "threat to the 21st century church"??!

Emergents are telling us that we are to be busy about God's business in establishing His kingdom here and now (entirely disregarding the truth that the Kingdom is established by none other than the KING HIMSELF, not the church [see DAN 2:34-45])!

Scripture tells the church the very opposite of the admonitions she receives from Emergents and Apostates:

COL 3:2, 3-4
Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.

Yet the watchmen (in their case, the prophets and the priests, not merely literally the watchmen or guards) in the Old Testament became slack in their duties:

ISAIAH 56:10-12
His watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber.
Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough, and they are shepherds that cannot understand: they all look to their own way, every one for his gain, from his quarter.
Come ye, say they, I will fetch wine, and we will fill ourselves with strong drink; and to morrow shall be as this day, and much more abundant.

Note that these watchmen are mute, they are not talking. much less warning of impending dangers; rather they are sedate, sleepy, unaware and un-alarmed for the sake of the people they are sworn to protect and tend for their safety. Their motives are not toward the Messiah and His message but apparently for money and are therefore self-centered. They have no discernment or understanding.

Its a heart-wrenching reality that today a growing number of pastors in churches are resembling this portrait; they are comfortable with power but with none of the responsibilities. They've grown accustomed to being beyond question or being accountable for what they do. They feel that they are entitled to partake of 'the dainties' (not merely the comforts and luxuries of this world, but also the dogma and practice of unbiblical beliefs that are anti-Christ) of the King of Babylon's table rather than the simple "pulse" (the simplicity of the Gospel and of the pure milk of the Word) that godly Daniel and his three brethren subsisted on.

Beyond this, they are insisting that such dainties are fair provender for the church and if any criticize or seek to expose it, they are divisive, unloving, un-Christ-like, Pharisaical and are in need of being excommunicated!

In the book of Ezekiel God said to the prophet:

EZEK 3:17
Son of man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Israel: therefore hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me.

God explained to Ezekiel that if the wicked was warned by him to turn from his wickedness, and that wicked person refuses, they will perish, but because the prophet gave him warning, his own blood would not be required. By the same token, if the prophet failed to warn the wicked man of his wicked ways, that man would perish, but so would the prophet because he refused to warn the wicked.

EZEK 3:20
Again, When a righteous man doth turn from his righteousness, and commit iniquity, and I lay a stumblingblock before him, he shall die: because thou hast not given him warning, he shall die in his sin, and his righteousness which he hath done shall not be remembered; but his blood will I require at thine hand.

Here is the same picture but in reverse; here it speaks of a righteous man who turns from his righteousness and commits iniquity; if these are not warned, then the prophet is held accountable for this!

Today there are many that claim to be righteous in the Name of Christ, when they know nothing of repentance; they've merely raised their hand and received their 'Gehenna-inoculation' or a 'Get-Out-of-Hell Free Card' and once given, they are free to go about their carnal, sinful lives unconcerned and unhindered because well, they "received Jesus as their Savior and are saved by grace, so what's the use of living such a restrictive life? Where sin abounds, grace does much MORE abound, right?"

Others are indeed born of God, but because they are untaught, and undiscerning they have the same liabilities towards deception as the first example above. We all need those 'biblical borders' and 'walls of wisdom' from the scriptures, from the Holy Spirit and from faithful watchmen who will proclaim such, and protect us, the church.

Our churches are full of babes in Christ as well as unregenerates who have a religious handle and talk like Christians, but can't walk as Christians. If in either case they start getting involved in non-biblical conduct and are not warned about the Rick Warrens, the Bill Hybels, the Robert Schullers, or the Brian McLarens, Rob Bells or Doug Pagitts, and their teachings then God will hold such pastors accountable for that persons downfall! What a tremendous weight of responsibility hangs about the shoulders of pastors and shepherds, yet few seem remotely concerned about protecting the saints, the sheepfold of the LORD! Yet God's admonition cannot be ignored! Look at what the LORD tells Ezekiel in - EZEK 33:1- 22

Few will stand against such false teachers, and false brethren and catagorically deny these false doctrines that are permeating the church!!

There are some, thank God! We still have the Dave Hunt's, the Roger Oakland's, the Warren Smith's, the Brannon Howse's, the Jan Markel's, the Berit Kjos' and others whose writings and materials are a refuge in as much as they extol and honor the Truth of God's Word and protest the errors of bad doctrine where ever it is found.

Please pray for each of these, and any others you know who are teaching the Bible accurately, who are unwilling to compromise its Truth and refuse to alter one letter, (much less entire doctrines concerning things like salvation, the kingdom of God, eschatology, and the Person of Jesus Christ Himself in His deity and humanity) of the scriptures.

Please especially pray for Roger Oakland ( as he has suffered many physical ailments, spiritual assaults (most of these from other believers?!?), and is even now working on a book that will relate the history and gradual downward spiral of the Calvary Chapel Movement. This book is written not by an observer from without, but from one who stood shoulder to shoulder with others in this ministry for 30 yrs. and has himself witnessed from within the gradual slide into erroneous and compromising teachings (for example, both Chuck Smith Jr [son of the founder of this movement] and Jon Courson Jr. [son of one of the foundational pastors of this movement] have endorsed Emergent theology!!). Here is an article by Roger Oakland that deals with this subject. Also the book by Paul Smith (pastor and brother of the late Chuck Smith) entitled New Evangelicalism - the New World Order and The TRUTH Under FIRE's own review of this book. 

As Roger himself stated, this doesn't mean that all Calvary Chapels are going wrong, there are still many that are good, solid, Bible teaching and Bible practicing fellowships; but the number of Calvary's that are gravitating towards Emergent theology is on the increase, and Christians needs to be discerning and earnestly praying and fasting for their pastors and church leadership! Its his hearts desire that this book, while heart breaking to write, will aid the saints in discerning which fellowships have compromised and which have not. From the e-letter he sent, this book should be finished in about one year's time.

Please pray for Roger!

Now before we wrap this up, lets have a look at one more portion of scripture found in JOHN 10:1-16:

JOHN 10:1
Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber.

Emergent authors and pastors are increasingly disparaging the idea that there is only one way to heaven, one way into the kingdom of God. Yet here Jesus Himself states that any that enter not by the door, are quite simply thieves and robbers: they are not true pastors, they are not true teachers, they are not godly men or Christians; they are thieves and robbers. There is only one way, there has always been one way, and there never will be another way other than the One that God Himself gave us: JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD and HIM CRUCIFIED, RESURRECTED, and ASCENDED to GOD the FATHER!

JOHN 10:2
But he that entereth in by the door is the shepherd of the sheep.

Jesus Christ claimed that He Himself is the Door (vs. 9) that leads into the sheep fold (the church, kingdom of God), and He is also the Shepherd (1 PET 2:25). I believe a secondary application could be any under-shepherd or pastor that leds the flock of God through Jesus Christ the Door, and into pasture.

JOHN 10:3
To him the porter openeth; and the sheep hear his voice: and he calleth his own sheep by name, and leadeth them out.

Many see the porter as the Holy Spirit as He guides us into God's Word (the grazing pastures of the sheep) and likewise points the sheep to Jesus (the Door into the sheep fold). Note here that God's sheep hear His voice, and He knows (and calls us out) by name! We recognize and respond to the voice of our LORD, the true Shepherd and this is vital to understand in regards to those who would feed us improperly, or guide us in a way that is not good!

JOHN 10:4
And when he putteth forth his own sheep, he goeth before them, and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice.

Here is a fact that was pointed out to me, especially in light of the Emergent teachings of Rick Warren, and his Purpose-Driven dogma: sheep are led by their shepherd who goes before them, whereas goats are not led, they are driven by those from behind! Indeed, we the church are to be Spirit-led, not Purpose-driven!

Remember the judgment between the sheep and the goats (see MATT 25:31-46); who are the sheep there in that parable, and who are the goats? Interesting!

The question many must consider is, Will we heed the voice of the Shepherd and follow Him, or remain steadfast in our allegiance to our denomination or church fellowship regardless of who they may endorse, whose books they quote from, what they may teach, or how they may begin to contradict scripture? What course of action we take will inevitably reveal who and what we are: God's sheep will follow His voice! Those who don't belong to the Shepherd will ignore Him and His faithful witnesses (see JERE 6:17). Many who warm the pews of our churches will refuse the Truth and as a result will be judged by God and fall into deeper deceptions!

JOHN 10:5
And a stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him: for they know not the voice of strangers.

This is why I believe that God's genuine sheep ultimately will not be deceived, though for a time, they may get side-tracked into unorthodox or worse, heretical teaching; the faithful Shepherd will bring them back, for as it states, the voice of strangers they will not know: they will flee from them!

Nevertheless its vital that we Christians know the Word of God and prevent such deceptions and heresies from entering our lives and the family of God, for though the LORD will deliver us from them (those whose hearts truly belong to Him), they can work many grievious and unnecessary hurts and wounds, from some of which we may never fully recover while on this earth!

JOHN 10:6
This parable spake Jesus unto them: but they understood not what things they were which he spake unto them.

I guess these were some that couldn't hear (understand) His voice!

JOHN 10:7-9 Here the LORD reiterates what He said previously; then:

JOHN 10:10
The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

Modernists of the 19th and 20th century, and post-Modernists of the 20th and 21st century, as well as New Age, and Emergent teachers have stolen the pure Word of God from people by questioning its authority, denying its veracity, and substituting their own versions of 'truth' and 'gospel'; thereby they are doing the work of Satan by stealing, killing and destroying. When all is in shambles and ruin, there is no evidence of abundant life, which could be theirs through Jesus Christ and abiding in His Word!

This thief Satan is working diligently through apostates, post-modernists and Emergents to steal the haven that is the church (the gathering of saints within the context of ministry at a facility for this express purpose), away from the saints. Infiltration of these sanctuaries without so much as a single word of protest, but rather praise from pastor's (watchmen) who are blind and dumb as the passage in Isaiah (56) states.

JOHN 10:11
I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.

Contrast this verse and the actions of the Shepherd with those of the hireling in the following verses:

JOHN 10:12-13
But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth: and the wolf catcheth them, and scattereth the sheep.
The hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling, and careth not for the sheep.

What stands out the most to you?
The fact that the Shepherd sacrifices all, even His own life, for the sake of the sheep which He loves; whereas the hireling will flee at the first sign of trouble because he doesn't love (care for) the sheep?

Hirelings are interested in financial security and will willingly sacrifice sheep who confront them for their errors and unaccountability, and will throw them to the wolves so that they themselves are spared; true shepherds will willingly sacrifice themselves for their sheep, defend them from wolves at the expense of their own lives (see vs. 14-16), and care nothing for financial security, knowing that their security is in the LORD, not the bottom line of the collection roster.

Wolves are intent on devouring, just as Satan himself is (1 PET 5:8) and it seems that pastors (who reveal themselves as mere hirelings) "care not".

These watchmen, these pastors, these shepherds are accountable to God, as are we ALL, and will one day stand before the JUDGE, the LORD Jesus Christ and give an account for their stewardship of His sheep.
Therefore let us be steadfast in prayer, intercessions, yes, even fasting and weeping before God on behalf of these, that the LORD would do a tremendous work of repentance in the hearts of some of these; that they would recant of their apostate, emergent beliefs and teachings, and lead their sheep to the safety of our Refuge and His Holy Word!

May we also be busy about the work of the LORD is sharing God's Truth with our fellow saints who may be caught up in such error as well, for they likewise will face judgment for what they have partaken of and promoted.

And as stated previously, please keep those watchmen who are being diligent and faithful in their office in your prayers!
**This article entitled "ASLEEP On The WATCH" is very worthy of your time -

Yours in the battle,

brother James Fire

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Review of the film SKYLINE - A Biblical Perspective

 SKYLINE (rated PG-13)appears in this pre-holiday season with promises of suspense, thrills and chills and seems to strive to deliver, but falls short. On a scale from 1 to 10, I'd give it a 6.5.

There have been scores of alien films to date, and with many more in the mix,
The same sort of plot was superbly captured by Spielberg's The War of the Worlds with its high dose of psychological tension; SKYLINE has its white-knuckled moments, but they aren't sustained, and much of the film falls flat with a lack of much action (other than running away from the aliens). It has a 'Cloverland' feel to it, but with the J.J. Abrams film there is a far better raw-nerved edge to it. Some of the visual aspects reminded me of Transformers as well.

I do feel that the actors, primarily the main characters who play husband and wife Jarrod (Eric Balfour), and Elaine (Scottie Thompson) performed reasonably well, there just wasn't enough script content to strike the audience with good story telling or for these actors to flex their muscles much (of them all, I liked Scottie Thompson's performance the best).

Perhaps if there was a secondary pair of main characters who were soldiers fighting the aliens, and there could have been some scene-cutting back and forth between the civilian and military perspectives, perhaps this would have alleviated some of the monotony.

So, the movie begins:

Immediately we are confronted with a scene we've all looked at in previews. These bluish-white streaks cascading from the skies and striking downtown L.A. From within this high rise apartment building, the characters mistake this brilliance for sunrise, but soon learn that this is an attack. One of these characters "Ray" (Neil Hopkins), stands up in the living room and peers through the window as "Denise" (Crystal Reed) looks on (but not directly out the window).

We witness the beginnings of some sort of bio-chemical reaction as the blue light works on Ray. Vascular pronouncements and 'bruising' appears around his eyes, and they slowly turn a whitish-gray. In the very next instant he vanishes with a burst of light!

Flashback! Its 18 hrs earlier and the main characters of Jerrod and Elaine are on a jetliner, flying out to meet Jarrod's hip-hop, business-successful buddy Terry (Donald Faison) and his girlfriend Candace (played by Brittany Daniel). He lives in the apartment in which much of this film takes place, but the luxury building is half empty (presumably in an economy such as ours where few can afford the rent there).

Life in L.A. is typically portrayed as an almost perpetual 'party time' and during one such scene there is an offensively lewd and suggestive act that onlookers are watching on a home made recording of a dvd. The script is lightly peppered with offensive language and women are clad in typically scanty bikini's.

The night life gradually cools off, people venture homeward, and Terry's friends bunk up at his place (during the party its inadvertently let out that Terry has plans on bringing Jerrod and Elaine out to L.A. to work with him). Towards the end of this series of scenes, Elaine confesses to Jerrod that she is pregnant. Then we close the loop of the flash back and we resume the story line.

Jerrod himself, upon discovering that Ray has vanished, according to the horror-stricken, eye witness account of Denise. Its then that Jerrod himself is captured by the seductive, destructive 'blue beam' and begins to get lured in by its hypnotic power, and would certainly have succumbed if not for the fact that his wife pulls him away (later in the film she likewise falls victim to the blue beam, but in turn, Jarrod rescues her.

The influence of this alien energy has an effect of these two nonetheless. They appear to have gained a subconscious insight into the aliens, as well as an increased physical strength that grows in proportion to the lesions that manifest on their skin.

Once all hell breaks loose, the building manager of the high rise apartment, Oliver (played by David Zayas) appears and assumes a leadership role. There is a conflict and disagreement as to how to proceed. They can't get much information through the media about this attack and who committed it because everything seems to be offline. Some believe they should hold up in the apartment, hide and wait until help arrives, and others think they should make a run for it across the street, into the marina, and snatch a boat and flee to safety.

In the midst of this strife, Terry goes to check on a fellow tenant, an old man whose only company is his small dog. Another alien attack that lands a man-sized alien creature right in the middle of the kitchen is followed by the old man's statement about vanishing people all over the city (and they later learn, all over the world) and how its somehow like the 'blankety-blank' rapture (interesting!).

Later, once the group attempts their get away, it results in the death of Terry, the wealthy buddy that invited Jerrod to L.A. in the first place. He gets caught by a lumbering alien creature (about five storeys tall) and sucked into an orifice in the center of its four clawed hand.

Retreating back to the apartment they set siege and hope for the best, but nothing goes right for them, and eventually they (and some others of the apartment complex) are attacked and taken. During one rather graphic scene a man is snagged by an alien which latches its luminous tentacles about his cranium, and then his head bursts open, exposing his brain, which the alien then plucks and draws it into itself.

Military forces arrive, using conventional weapons on planes and ground to air missile launchers, and this has mixed results on the alien vessels and beings. A nuclear device is finally used and for all appearances seems to have worked, but the same eerie blue light begins to emanate from the 'cooked' ship and it then starts to rebuild itself.

Eventually, one by one all the characters are either killed outright, or abducted to be consumed as food (well, just their brains). Even Jarrod and Elaine, after a valiant struggle, are finally taken, and as they rise up into the air, they hold each other's hands, kiss each other tenderly good-bye and then they are brought aboard the mother ship.

They are alive in a morass of human rubble, some of these others are also alive, others are dead. One by one they are plucked up, the brains are popped out and transferred to three aliens, presumably the leaders, that feast on the cerebral sustenance. Jerrod's brains are consumed but leaves a sort of psychic-indigestion that affects the alien. Something strange is happening as the alien tries to shake off the effects of the 'bad meal' but an ongoing effect is apparent (note: an incorrect assertion is made here that equates brain tissue with personhood. That this physical organ contains the real 'you' when in fact the brain is merely protein matter that is suitable for information recording, retrieval, processing and motor functions in the body, but does not contain our 'soul' which is non-physical) .

The film ends with an attack on Elaine on board the alien vessel, and just when it seems that she is about to be consumed, the affected alien rushes in and destroys her attackers. The alien creature then gently and fondly strokes Elaine's nose (an action that Jerrod does in moments of affection towards her throughout the film). She recognizes incredulously that this somehow is Jerrod, but more aliens suddenly appear and as Jerrod-alien turns to face them, the movie ends.

What sparked my curiosity about this film was the premise that aliens would come to Earth, attack the people, and as a result of such an encounter "millions of people" suddenly disappear in a brilliant flash of white light. In any preview of this film, the admonition was heard "don't look up" and "you haven't seen the light". Anyone who looks into this light then disappears without a trace, and ends up in a nightmarish place that no one in their right mind would want to go to; that those taken are now in the hands of "the enemy"!

Yet we have heard the admonition of Jesus Christ, that "when we see these things (prophetic events that describe the last days prior to His Return that are even now coming to pass with greater frequency and intensity "as a woman in birth pangs" Matt 24:8; 1 Thess 5:3) begin to come to pass, LOOK UP for your redemption [reclamation] draws near (see Luke 21:28)."

We also know that the enemies of Christ will be destroyed by the "brightness of His coming" (2 Thess 2:8).

In the film itself Oliver rants at Jerrod about how "this is war" and that "the enemy took these people". So the ones that take these millions are perceived as "the enemy", interesting.

I can see that the sort of mental conditioning that this film provides could potentially be used later on down the road when in fact, a 'real alien attack' takes place and millions of people really DO disappear without a trace; in all actuality of course (just as the old man indicated in the film) it will be the rapture of the church, which is spoken about in 1 Cor. 15:51-54 and 1 Thess. 4:16-18.
New Age/Spirituality leaders like Barbara Marx Hubbard, Agnes Sanford and David Spangler have long taught that those aspects of our global village that are unwilling or unable to evolve into the higher state that mankind is moving towards (godhood) would be removed from Earth by 'Space Brothers' or 'Ascended Masters' to undergo remedial education and preparation to rejoin the people of Earth, who at that time will make the evolutionary leap from homo sapien to homo noeticus.
If one was to be "left behind" after the mass disappearance of millions of people, wouldn't it be far more desirable and comfortable to believe that these that vanished were somehow in the wrong, and those who remained are destined for greatness and godhood; much more desirable than say, those taken are now in heaven, and the remaining people are doomed to suffer a great tribulation and decimation at the merciless hands of an Satan-possessed anti-Christ?!
I have already covered much of this 'staged alien terrorist strikes' in previous articles on The RED PILL Consortium and you can find these using the search engine provided "E.T. = Extraterrestrial Terrorists". Whether such a staged event would take place prior to the rapture of the church (in order to obtain the desired effects of increase of power by the [global?] government over the people), or be used in conjunction with this event as a means of explaining away the disappearance of people globally as an alien act, and not at all as something to do with apocalyptic events connected to the Bible, remains to be seen.

What we do see on the horizon is not an alien invasion force, but even more films with such a depiction. Curious . . .

Monday, November 1, 2010

A CRIMSON CAPLET - The GLOBAL GLUE Of A Unified Spirituality

The following is taken from a chapter of FOR MANY SHALL COME IN MY NAME, a book written by Ray Yungen - updated version originally published in 2007 (another book by Mr. Yungen I based an article on The RED PILL Consortium was: A Time of Departing.

I am currently finishing up on this book by Ray Yungen and a full book report will be forthcoming, but for now here is a 'Crimson Caplet' based on chapter Nine -NEW AGE IN RELIGION.

Mr. Yungen starts out chapter Nine by stating the reason why so many pastors are not alarmed or take seriously the proponents of the New Age is because there aren't New Age churches on every street corner.

However the New Age has had a profound influence and impact on every facet of our society, including business, education, health care, counseling, and many others. In addition to these, religion has likewise been influenced!

And in what form does the New Age influence religion here in America? Meditative and prayer discipline practices. Some would discount that such disciplines conducted in Christian circles, whether in church or on retreats have anything to do with New Age, Hinduism, or mystical practices but as Mr. Yungen states:

"Upon close examination, the methods used (mantra or breathing or some alternate means of focusing the mind to acheive altered states of consciousness) are identical to New Age techniques." He goes on to say he's discovered time and time again a link between New Age and so-called 'Christian' terminologies: holistic spirituality, and combining mystical traditions of both East and West. "Frequently the Hindu or Buddhist source of these spiritual exercises will be proclaimed openly."

CENTERING PRAYER - A 'Christian' form

"This employs a mantra - called a prayer word - that allows one to empty the mind by chanting Jesus, God or love that than om or Krishna," says Yungen.

"Centering prayer groups are flourishing in mainstream religious bodies today... They are seen by many as bringing a new vitality to the church" [Even back in the '80's I worked at my job site with a girl who claimed to be a Christian, but practiced 'centering'].

Basil Pennington, a promoter of centering or contemplative prayer relates a story about how a Hindu monk was to be a guest at the Christian centering prayer group one night, and as it all began, he wondered "what chords of response this call to faith and love might be striking in the Hindu monk."

At the conclusion the Buddhist " . . . smiled with joyful peace [and stated,] 'This has been the most beautiful experience I have ever had'."

Other terms along with centering or contemplative prayer are 'the silence' or 'the blank'.


Both terms are used with practitioners of metaphysical mysticism, and Jesuit priest Anthony De Mello, author of the book Sadhana: The Way To God, explains what this altered state of consciousness is about -

"There will be moments when the stillness or the blank will be so powerful that it will make all exercise and all effort on your part impossible [paralysis?]. In such moments, it is no longer you who goes in quest of stillness. It is stillness that takes possession of you and overwhelms you [possession!]. When this happens, you may safely and profitably, let go of all effort . . . and surrender to this overpowering stillness within you."

Hinduism defines the stillness or the blank as Samadhi, a deep mystical state induced by focus on something repetitive.

Jesuit William Johnson [another Jesuit - note how many Jesuits are involved in these types of practices, as well as influencing Emergent Thought! Coincidence?] states: "...the new mysticism [arising in the 20th century] within Christianity . . . has learned much from the great religions of Asia. It has felt the impact of yoga, and Zen and the monasticism of Tibet. It pays attention to posture and breathing; it knows about the music of the mantra and the silence of samadhi."

UPDATE: 7/11/11 - From UNDERSTAND the TIMES and LIGHTHOUSE TRAILS we have a Special Report! Read it at the link provided here:


DeMello's Sadhana book published in 1979 has been the Catholic best seller for years, in more than 20 languages, and has had an enormous impact on both clergy and laity. Now globally available, its acclaimed as the classic best text on how-to-do-it book on prayer in any language.

As Yungen points out, the very term Sadhana is related to Siddhis [psychic powers] and a means to directly or indirectly obtain enlightenment or knowledge or sadhana. It can also have the legitimate meaning of sorcerer or sorcery!

Such forms of meditation are being taught in Catholic schools at the high school and college level. One textbook in a Catholic high school, Your Faith and You: A Synthesis of Catholic Belief reveals:

CATHOLIC and CHRISTIAN Contemplative Conglomerates!

"Numerous Catholic retreat houses offer Yoga retreats or teach Zen meditation methods . . . these techniques are removed [borrowed] from the Buddhist and Hindu faiths. They are often used by Christians to help them develop a conscious faith relationship with Christ in prayer. Likewise the Buddhist or Hindu uses these same techniques to enter into a deeper union with God as his own religion has taught him to believe in Him."

Here is the admission that the identical technique used by the Hindu, Buddhist and Christian will allow them to enter into a deeper union with God, whatever they are taught to believe him to be! This is the global glue that will bring adherence to a unified spirituality that may have some superficial differences as a facade, but will internally re-shape any adherents and their belief system towards a unified syncretic system in believing a 'all is God, all is in God, we are God' mentality.

Further, we can see how through E.C.T. and the Manhattan Declaration that evangelical Christians and Roman Catholics are joining forces for social and moral good, and in so doing, hob-knobbing with one another, and how evangelicals have been exposed to this sort of thing (in relating in conversations and discussions informally between people of these two groups) and how this has had a profound effect on the emergence of contemplative prayer and centering among formerly biblical, evangelical churches!

Satanic Strategies For Syncretic Seduction -

Take note of this satanic strategy in getting biblical Christian churches to accept New Age/Spirituality and Emergent philosophies and beliefs:

First, he must strip churches of sound, biblical doctrine and the adherence of such as the inspired Truth of God as recorded in Scripture. Therefore he infests seminaries and Bible colleges with liberalism, so as to cast serious doubt on the Bible. The teaching of God's Word must be marginalized and use mankind and his own happiness and well being as the lens by which scripture is examined and taught; it is reduced to a simple philosophical resource for the purpose of moral living and religious practice (instead of being exalted and obeyed as God's Word which convicts of sin, leads to repentance, instructs in spiritual regeneration and salvation, as well as living in practical holiness being conformed to Christ Jesus.

Second, having deleted the scriptures and their efficacy to a minimum, the spiritual life of churches are diminished, and the focus is led away from the true Gospel of salvation from sin, death and hell (and for a redeemed relationship with God as our Father, Jesus Christ as our Lord and Head, the Holy Spirit as our Comforter and Teacher) and led towards a social Gospel in which affairs on Earth are engaged in from merely human resources and powers (rather than Divine). Emphasis on rationalism and intellectualism in a thinly veiled humanism is extolled, scripture is relegated to allegory alone, dispensationalism is disdained, and eventually churches are completely dried up and without the Spirit.

Third, once materialism and social influences have done their work, people will once again crave spiritual experiences and reality (for mankind is a race of both physical and spiritual dynamics), and here is where Satan will introduce spirituality of his own brand, and by such enticements deceive people into believing in subjective truth, which truth will hold sway on a global level and bring about unity.

Yungen asks: "Why are mainstream denominations so open to meditative and holistic practices? A professor of theology at a United Methodist college gave this explanation - 'A spiritual vacuum exists in organized religion that might be filled by theologies that draw - for better or worse - from what is called parapsychology, paranormal studies, psychic phenomena, and somewhat pejoratively, the "New Age" movement.'

Also, James Fadiman, a Metaphysical leader, makes the following observation:
'The traditional religious world is just beginning to make changes, but its a slow process - denomination by denomination. When religious institutions begin to lose members year after year, they eventually become aware that they're not meeting people's needs. Before long, they're scurrying around looking for innovative programs and improvements.'

Yungen then states: "This shows that a great number of people who consider themselves to be Christians have a rather dull and dreary attitude towards their faith. They are looking for something to fill the void.


"One of the foremost individuals who has attempted to fill this void with New Age is Marcus Borg, professor and author of many widely read books [as well as the mentor of Rob Bell of the Mars Hill Church and has authored of several books and teachings himself, including the Nooma series on CD]. In one of Borg's books "The God We Never Knew, he lays out very concisely how he went from being a traditional Christian to a 'mature' Christian. He relates:

". . . By the time I was thirty, like Humpty Dumpty, my childhood faith had fallen into pieces. My life since had led to a quite different understanding of what the Christian tradition says about God." Borg, like so many liberal Christians, turned to mysticism:

"I learned about the use of mantras as a means of giving the mind something to focus and refocus on as it sinks into the silence." Borg represents the mainstream for millions of people in liberal churches . . . his platform is New Age as he makes clear when he expounds:

"The sacred is not 'somewhere else' spatially distant from us. Rather, we live within God . . . God has always been in relationship to us [even after Adam's fall into sin, which Borg doesn't believe in?], journeying with us and yearning to be known by us. Yet we commonly do not know this or experience this . . . We commonly do not perceive the world of Spirit."

[Note that the word 'Spirit' is capitalized, signifying the Divine, and that according to Borg the world as it should be perceived is of Spirit or God; quite the endorsement for panentheism (God is in all things), a very unbiblical concept].


The Road Less Traveled, a best-selling book by late psychologist M. Scott Peck had much to say about solving life's problems by utilizing ideas found in the Ancient Wisdom:

"God wants us to become himself (or herself or itself). We are growing toward godhood. God is the goal of evolution. It is God who is the source of the evolutionary force and God who is the destination. This is what we mean when we say that He is the Alpha and the Omega . . . a God who has it in mind for us precisely that we should attain His position, His power, His wisdom, His identity."

This was a book that remained on the New York Times bestseller list for over 400 weeks!! Peck mentioned that it "sells best in America's Bible Belt [?!!]."

New Age writer David Spangler has stated:

"There will be several religious and spiritual disciplines as there are today, each serving different sensibilities and affinities, each enriched by and enriching the particular cultural soil in which it is rooted. However, there will also be a planetary spirituality that will celebrate the sacredness of the whole of humanity in appropriate festivals, rituals and sacraments. There will be a more widespread understanding and experience of the holistic nature of reality, resulting in a shared outlook that today would be called mystical. Mysticism has always overflowed the bounds of particular religious traditions, and in the new world this would be even more true."

The rise of centering/contemplative prayer is causing many churches to become agents of transformation. Those that practice it tend to embrace this one-world-religion idea. One of the main proponents of this phenomena had this revelation:

"It is my sense from having meditated with persons from many different traditions, that in the silence we experience a deep unity. When we go beyond the portals of the rational mind into the experience, there is only one God to be experienced . . . I think it has been the common experience of all persons of good will that when we sit together Centering, we experience a solidarity that seems to cut through all our philosophical and theological differences."

Finally from Matthew Fox, we have this:

"Without mysticism there will be no 'deep ecumenism', no unleashing of the power of wisdom from all the world's religious traditions. Without this I am convinced there will never be global peace or justice since the human race needs spiritual depths and disciplines, celebrations and rituals, to awaken its better selves. The promise of ecumenism, the coming together of religions, has been thwarted because world religions have not been relating at the level of mysticism."

And for these above reasons I believe one of the primary factors that will lead to the success of a global religion (which will be necessary according to 'the goblins' if a one world government is to be actualized) is mystical experiences via mystical meditation, be it from a Hindu, or Christian (Desert Fathers of Catholicism) source or Buddhist or Muslim (the Sufi's), or Jewish (Kabbalah), or shamanic or Wiccan or Evangelical (so-called) source from the likes of Richard Foster, Dallas Williard, and others.

See these other articles:

Most especially this one that links Leaders from Christian, Emergent/Contemplative and New Age/Spiritualist groups together in the world view of mysticism, particularly Centering or Contemplative Prayer/Mantra Meditation as necessary for global unity and true spirituality:

Emergents Agree: Contemplative Prayer and Eastern Mysticism Are The Same Thing

Sunday, January 24, 2010
BEWARE of PRAYER- of the contemplative kind

Feb 19, 2010
BEWARE of PRAYER-of the contemplative kind: part 2

Sunday, December 20, 2009
Is This Christianity Today? ANCIENT-FUTURE Holy Ways or Heresies?

For more on these pertinent issues that the church must vigilantly guard against and warn of, please visit:

To visit the site of Ray Yungen, author of FOR MANY SHALL COME IN MY NAME, please see:

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A CRIMSON CAPLET - Is Harry Potter 'Christ-like'?

(the following article was taken from Telegraph UK and will be seen in red font - and I shall include my own commentary in white font)

They are beloved by millions of children and adults alike, but the Harry Potter series has attracted widespread censure from fundamentalist Christians who claim the books encourage witchcraft.

So here is the question: Do the Harry Potter novels in fact, encourage witchcraft? In my opinion, yes and no. To those who want to read these novels as just fun entertainment, probably not, or they may acquire a temporary fascination, experiment a bit, and then move on in some other direction. Others, who may already have an attraction to spirituality may in fact become committed witches after reading and become inspired by these books.

Whether one 'experiments' in occult endeavors or is fully committed, ANY involvement whatsoever can result in devastating and dire consequences. A simple 'toying' with a Ouija board for example, can result in demon possession (which literally happened and was researched by William Blatty who wrote the novel The Exorcist, but based it on four actual case studies of possession).
J.K. Rowling certainly did her homework when it comes to methods of meditation and acquiring an altered state of consciousness, and in various forms of ritual common to witchcraft; just as George Lucas knew his material in creating the legendary Jedi Knights and their Buddhist-identical view of the universe and the mystical. Mr. Lucas himself has an affinity for Buddhism.
However, one thing in which these two powerhouse film franchises differ: there are no such things as Jedi Knights . . .

The congregation of the Christ Community Church in Alamogordo in southern New Mexico even staged a book burning claiming 'behind that innocent face is the power of satanic darkness.'
But now the boy wizard has found an unlikely ally

Burning books would seem a far less effective means of deterring the reading of these novels by children than if Christian parents took them in hand, and in gentle, loving conviction firmly stated, explained why wizardry and witchcraft are dangerous, and why those who practice such things place themselves, and those closest to them in spiritual danger. Further explain to these inquisitive, young minds how and why spiritual life in Jesus Christ is far superior and actually the only life for those who desire to obey and please God.

Theologian Rev Dr Stephen Holmes has claimed Harry Potter should be seen as a "Christ-like" figure because he promotes Biblical values.

Harry Potter promotes Biblical values? What a fascinating assertion! How, Dr. Holmes does he promote Biblical values? Forgive me Doctor, but the answer does not at all seem 'elementary' to me (and no, my name is not Watson).

The Acting head of divinity at St Andrews University, said some religious commentators had been hasty in their condemnation of the phenomenally successful series.
He read the books after hearing them denounced as "ungodly" and concluded that they contained a very obvious Christian narrative

So not only does this boy wizard promote Biblical values, but this story contains "a very obvious Christian narrative"! My word, this explanation I simply must hear!

He said: "What do you need to succeed at Hogwarts? Courage, self-sacrifice, careful logic and to be unselfish. It's almost a classical list of Christian values.
"The behaviour that is recommended in the Potter books is profoundly Christian."
Dr Holmes said the Biblical inspiration became most apparent in the final book, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, the film version of which is due to released next month

Courage, self-sacrifice, careful logic, and unselfishness? This sort of morality seems rather common place in any religion, even secular humanism would aspire to such noble intentions. So how are these values necessarily Biblical? Also, I would take exception that 'careful logic' is necessarily a Biblical value - after all the scriptures do state that God's ways are as high above our own as the heavens are above the earth (see Isaiah 55:9)!

Other religious leaders have sacrificed for the sakes of their followers, some have even given their lives for the causes they fought for. The foundation of Christianity is not that Jesus Christ died on the Cross merely, and by doing so defeat some arch-villain (He did), but that He took upon Himself the sins of the world, died in our place and then rose from the grave offering the victory over death and eternal life to all who repent of their sins and by faith believe the Gospel.

Jesus Christ did not perform the various miracles and healings by some incantation or the waving of a magic wand, nor by some mystical power did He exemplify the art of levitation with occult flourish, but by the very Spirit of God (the same God incidentally that denounces and condemns witchcraft, wizardry, communication with the dead (necromancy), charmers, etc (see
Deut 18:10-11, Lev 17:7).

It seems that in Harry Potter novels, just as in Star Wars, the magickal forces are really from one source, and that it's the intent that makes these forces either good or bad. This is hardly a Biblical value, nor is it profoundly Christian. The Bible emphatically states that the practices of religious mysticism, magick, sorcery and the like are exclusively evil, and that only the power of God's Spirit is good and holy.

He pointed to the denouement in which the wizard confronts his arch-enemy Lord Voldemort for the final time.
Dr Holmes said: "What happens gives the strong impression that Harry dies, discovers an afterlife in a place called King's Cross - a striking reference from a Christian perspective - and comes back to life.
"The effect of his death has been to render impotent the power of evil. That is a Christian narrative which is almost impossible not to recognise

One must wonder what sort of Bible Dr. Holmes reads that he can examine a Harry Potter novel and correlate that to the history, themes and truths of scripture. Not to mention the fact that anyone (be they an imaginary character or a real person imitating Christ Jesus in such a fashion, but whose source of spiritual power is derived from the very opposite source of the Kingdom of God, would by definition be anti-Christ in implication (that is, a person who would be deemed worthy as a substitute for Christ and thereby touching and stealing the glory of God).

"JK Rowling is not saying to people 'you ought to be a witch'. She is trying to imagine a world in which wizardry and witchcraft are a reality and that is an important distinction."
The author, a regular churchgoer whose daughter Jessica was baptised into the Church of Scotland, has previously insisted that her books have no religious agenda

I do beg your pardon Dr. Holmes, but wizards (in particular fashion) and witches ARE A REALITY , and any distinction between these two by way of recruitment really doesn't matter a whole lot. Rowling's books are powerful and inspirational enough that children who read this series are eagerly emulating Harry Potter more so than they are Jesus Christ.

"No religious agenda" is a striking statement considering that witchcraft is gaining huge popularity in our day; a casual perusal in your local bookstore chain reveals an increasing fascination for and belief in witchcraft, nature worship, reincarnation, meditation, etc. Yet we are to assume that Harry Potter in both book and film version have nothing to do with this trend, especially among our youth?

She said in 2007: "I did not set out to convert anyone to Christianity. I wasn't trying to do what CS Lewis (author of the Chronicles of Narnia) did. It is perfectly possible to live a very moral life without a belief in God, and I think it's perfectly possible to live a life peppered with ill-doing and believe in God."

I almost completely agree with Rowling in her above statement. It is "possible to live a moral life without a belief in God", and its quite true that "its perfectly possible to love a life peppered with ill-doing and believe in [a] God." There are atheistic humanists that seek to feed the poor, care for the sick, help the needy, etc. There are also those that devoutly believe in [a] God and commit ill-doing, like flying airliners into skyscrapers and such like.

Yet for those who genuinely believe in Jesus Christ and are born of His Spirit, these are followers of the Creator God and we endeavor to walk in the Light of God's grace, love and peace and to stand for righteousness and holiness and truth. Any of us gifted with the ability to write would seek to use such a gift to draw others to the Truth of God's Word and the Gospel (take Frank Peretti for example). Yet church-goer Rowling states that she didn't "set out to convert anyone to Christianity."

She has also stated that the books have been "lauded and taken into the pulpit" just as much as they have been attacked from a theological point of view.

I have no desire to attack this intelligent lady who is obviously a gifted novelist, but I likewise have no desire for children to be subjected to teachings of witchcraft (be it in non-fiction or fiction form); yet Christian parents, and even pastors not only see nothing wrong with Rowling's stories, but they promote them!

For more information on Harry Potter, witchcraft and related topics, please visit the following web sites: From read the following article:

From the web site Christian Answers for the New Age (C.A.N.A.) there are reams of valuable information by Marcia Montenegro -
(page 1 of 4: to read all four segments visit the web site []
and type in "Harry Potter" in the search engine).

To view the site of Ex-Witches who are now believing Christians, go here:

May the LORD guide you into all Truth, and bring to you His wisdom in dealing with issues such as these.
Your brother in Christ Jesus,

James J. Fire

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Resurgence of the American Militia: An examination of the TIME magazine article-The Secret World of Extreme Militias

The front cover of a recent TIME magazine caught my eye:

LOCKED & LOADED - The Secret World of Extreme Militias.
Understanding the Constitutional nature of militias and the often negative press that they have received ever since the days of Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols, I picked it up and began to read; noting certain key words and phrases, my mind was rife with commentary and rebuttal to the use of such language (although understandably justified in some select cases, thus included in the article extreme militias).
So without further ado, here is my take on this article, and my own thoughts relating to this resurgence of militias here in America (quotes from the TIME article by Barton Gellman will be in blue)

This August weekend of grueling mock combat, which left some of the men prostrate and bloody-booted, capped a yearlong training regimen of the Ohio Defense Force, a private militia that claims 300 active members statewide. The fighters shot blanks, the better to learn to maneuver in squads, but they buy live ammunition in bulk. Their training — no game, they stress — expends thousands of rounds a year from a bring-your-own armory of deer rifles, assault weapons and, when the owner turns up, a belt-fed M-60 machine gun. The militia trains for ambushes, sniper missions, close-quarters battle and other infantry staples.

What distinguishes groups like this one from a shooting club or re-enactment society is the prospect of actual bloodshed, which many Ohio Defense Force members see as real. Their unit seal depicts a man with a musket and tricorn hat, over the motto "Today's Minutemen." The symbol invites a question, Who are today's redcoats? On that point, the group takes no official position, but many of those interviewed over two days of recent training in and around the abandoned Roseville State Prison near Zanesville voiced grim suspicions about President Obama and the federal government in general.
The notion of 'militias' thanks to our mass media creates in the minds of many people images of wild-eyed, fanatic and paranoid trigger-happy (neo-Nazi) sorts that are eager for confrontation with the Federal government or any other perceived enemy. Yet this is an entirely Constitutional entity based firmly in Constitutionally sanctioned State law. For an excellent explanation of this, I refer you to the following site (be advised, this writer does not necessarily subscribe to all the views of this article and its author):

"I don't know who the redcoats are," says Brian Vandersall, 37, who designed the exercise and tried to tamp down talk of politics among the men. "It could be U.N. troops. It could be federal troops. It could be Blackwater, which was used in Katrina. It could be Mexican troops who are crossing the border."

Or it could be, as it was for this year's exercise, an Islamic army marauding unchecked because a hypothetical pro-Muslim President has ordered U.S. forces to leave them alone. But as the drill played out, the designated opponents bore little resemblance to terrorists.

It is no statement born of paranoia to say that Islam is making strong and discernible in-roads here in America, just as its done in Europe today. We have covered much of this on our primary site The TRUTH Under FIRE in the article ENGAGING ISLAM; as far as a hypothetically pro-Islam President goes, we need no such hypothesis because we got one in the White House! This has also been addressed in that article (

Mexican Nationalists who are loyal to the tenets of socialism, empowered by the massive drug cartels in Mexico have likewise been crossing our borders; their vision is of Aztlan reborn, the entire Southwestern United States being reclaimed by Mexico - By Glen Spencer. Exaggerated or not, this idea of retaking the Southwest by Mexican nationalists is real. There is talk on both sides of this issue:

Blackwater (now referred to as 'Xe') is mentioned in the TIME article, and the reader may not be familiar with this organization, but essentially it's owned by the Prince Group and is available as a private army for hire in purposes of training military and law enforcement and security. This agency, as far as I've seen, has no allegiance to any particular government and as a powerful freelance force it makes me a bit nervous and brings to mind Adolf Hitler's own private storm trooper forces.

Islam in the north, in the State of Michigan and elsewhere; in the south Mexican Nationalists, and in the East, the United States capital, Washington D.C. has a Federal government that is bulging at the seams with bureaucratic power that strains at, if not defies the Constitutional boundaries that were created to contain it.

Needless to say, there are many threats that surround us, all of them, lurking just under the veneer of every day life; how are we to protect ourselves as American citizens? Good question.

As militias go, the Ohio Defense Force is on the moderate side. Scores of armed antigovernment groups, some of them far more radical, have formed or been revived during the Obama years, according to law-enforcement agencies and outside watchdogs. A six-month TIME investigation reveals that recruiting, planning, training and explicit calls for a shooting war are on the rise, as are criminal investigations by the FBI and state authorities. Readier for bloodshed than at any time since at least the confrontations in the 1990s in Ruby Ridge, Idaho, and Waco, Texas, the radical right has raised the threat level against the President and other government targets. With violence already up on a modest scale, FBI, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and state agencies point to two main dangers of a mass-casualty attack: that a group of armed radicals will strike out in perceived self-defense, or that a lone wolf, trained and indoctrinated for war, will grow tired of waiting.

WHOM DO YOU SERVE? Why would loyal and patriotic citizens of America want to threaten the President of the United States of America, who when he took office, swore to defend and uphold the very same Constitution that these patriots themselves hold dear? Aren't we all on the same side? What is it about the President's actions and attitudes that have these groups all worked up? Are they justified in their indignation? Worked up they are, and it appears that these groups by and large protest what is seen as a deterioration of the Constitution, and bringing about such laws and policies that are in line with various shades and degrees of socialism.

Yet many of these same Americans who love freedom, who desire to uphold and defend the Constitution, who stand oppossed to an ever-increasing Federal government at the expense of the sovereignty of American States, are being labeled as 'domestic terrorists'. The Federal Government even commissioned a study to the S.P.L.C. and have admitted the findings for their own use in security.

as well as the above article, read this:

These government agencies, according to TIME, foresee a future in which radical organizations or 'lone wolfs' may engage in violence. If a lone wolf is caught (either before or after their mission is carried out) would they mirror the likes of Lee Harvey Oswald (who assasinated J.F.K.) or John Wilkes Booth (Lincoln assasin), or even John Hinkely (would be assasin of Ronald Reagan); in each of the cases above, these supposed 'lone-wolf' assasins had an infrastructure supporting them with some rather interesting ties back to the government (?!).

If that is the case, then the tried and true motto of 'the Goblins' would indeed leave fingerprints all over such an event: Ordo Ab Chao, that is, Order Through Chaos, or in other words, "create a crisis, then solve the crisis, and in solving it, gain more power of control".

In the popularized folk-lore of the main media, Ruby Ridge and Waco are names of infamy in which nefarious forces inimicable to the good of the American people were downed by the heroic agencies of the United States government. Whatever notions of messianic delusion may (or may not) have been in evidence in the case of Waco and David Koresh; what ever infractions or broken laws in Ruby Ridge, its disheartening to understand that the actions taken which ended the lives of human beings were not only unnecessary, but were (apparently willingly) negligent in taking precautions against such loss of life.

Twisted Patriots
Within a complex web of ideologies, most of today's armed radicals are linked by self-described Patriot beliefs, which emphasize resistance to tyranny by force of arms and reject the idea that elections can fix what ails the country. Among the most common convictions is that the Second Amendment — the right to keep and bear arms — is the Constitution's cornerstone, because only a well-armed populace can enforce its rights. Any form of gun regulation, therefore, is a sure sign of intent to crush other freedoms. The federal government is often said in militia circles to have made wholesale seizures of power, at times by subterfuge. A leading grievance holds that the 16th Amendment, which authorizes the federal income tax, was ratified through fraud.

. . . 'TWISTED Patriots'?? As seen previously in RED PILL the defintion a patriot according to Merriam-Webster is, "one who loves his or her country and supports its authority and interests"

WHOS THE BOSS? The highest authority of the United States is not the President (sorry Obama)... its the Constitution. How can such allegiance to this document be considered 'twisted'? and yet talk to the members of any militia and ask them why they bear arms, and who are they defending. The vast majority will tell you, The citizens of my State, and the Constitution (there are some involved in other ideals and objectives that are by far more notorious in the extreme, but these are actually relatively few - more on this in just a minute).

Mr. Gellman stated that these people are "self-described" and its their own "common conviction" that the Second Amendment is in place to support militias and the right to bear arms to defend against tyranny. This is more than just mere common conviction, its Constitutional protocol to be used in such an event or events that threatens America. Hardly requiring a 'self description' a patriot is a patriot and is one that has been aptly defined above.

By the way, regarding the 16th amendment? Do your homework and learn about this amendment, how it was established, who put it in place and why, and you may become as alarmed as I was! Here's a pointer - G. Edward Griffins book, Creature From Jekyll Island. Sounds like a horror story doesn't it? It is indeed, of a different sort!

In a reversal of casting, the armed antigovernment movement describes itself as heir to the founders. As they see it, the union that the founders created is now a foreign tyrant. "It's like waking up behind enemy lines," says Terrell.

PROS and ANTI'S - - - -
When you seek the well being of the unborn, and someone calls you an anti-abortionist, how do you respond? If you're like me, you say, 'I am pro-life'. The same tactic is used here by Mr. Gellman, when he calls such patriots anti-government. Were our government to confine itself to the powers Constitutionally allocated to each of its branches, and held no higher allegiance than to this document and to WE THE PEOPLE, these militias would certainly be pro-government, yet they are not because it seems with greater intensity the Federal government is becoming anti-Constitutional (and this began long before Obama was even born! Its only that under his administration that much of the infrastructure of all of this is rising to the surface).

Some groups, though not many overtly (insinuating that others, possibly many others do embrace but covertly so?) , embrace the white-supremacist legacy of the Posse Comitatus, which invented the modern militia movement in the 1970s. Some are fueled by a violent stream of millennial Christianity. Some believe Washington is a secondary foe, the agent of a dystopian new world order.

Hillary Clinton herself admitted that the United States is ready for the New World Order. Others have mentioned this phrase, among them George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Fidel Castro, Richard Nixon, Mikhail Gorbachev, and interestingly enough, various occult and esoteric leaders including Alice Bailey of the Theosophical Society. Yet the main media stubbornly persists in the illusion that such talk of a 'new world order' are the sad, misunderstanding, delusional thinking of a fringe, radical element that's somehow out of touch with reality.

Such White Supremist organizations and radical groups like KKK and Christian Identity Movement are those fringe elements of militias here in America. Unfortunately our own media is propagating a broad stroke myth and painting all militia or at least a significant percentage, are of this ilk.

There is a movement, consisting of some forty to fifty thousand members called Christian Identity Movement; these are hardly Christian, any more than KKK members are followers of Jesus Christ and His Word. Many of these C.I.M. members will seek out militias and desire to join forces with them. For information on C.I.M. visit this page on the C.A.R.M. web site (we also have a link to their site on TTUF):

Mark Potok of the S P L C observes that "there are huge numbers of people who say, 'We're going to have to go to war to defend the Constitution or defend the white race,' but 'That will be next week, boys.' "
And yet there are exceptions, and law-enforcement officials say domestic terrorists are equally the products of their movements. Those most inclined toward violence sometimes call themselves three percenters, a small vanguard that dares to match deeds to words. Brian Banning, who led local and interagency intelligence units that tracked radical-right-wing violence in Sacramento County, California, says, "The person who's interested in violent revolution may be attracted to a racist group or to a militia or to the Tea Party because he's antigovernment and so are they, but he's looking on the fringe of the crowd for the people who want to take action."

The Supremacist

One such man was James Von Brunn. On June 10, 2009, he pulled up to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, raised a .22-caliber rifle and shot security guard Stephen Tyrone Johns in the chest. Part of Von Brunn's story is now well known, but police, FBI and Secret Service investigators held back a startling epilogue.

Von Brunn was an avowed white supremacist with a history of violence that reached back decades. He had spent six years in prison after an attempt to take hostages at the Federal Reserve (???Why would a White Supremacist take hostages at the Fed Reserve???) in 1981. After finding only disappointment in organized groups, Von Brunn retreated to his website and railed against passive comrades. "The American Right-wing with few exceptions ... does NOTHING BUT TALK," he wrote. At 88 and hospitalized with a gunshot wound he suffered at the museum, Von Brunn did not loom large in the public eye as a figure of menace. He was profiled as a shrunken old man, broke and friendless, who ended another man's life in an empty act of despair. He died seven months later in prison before he could be tried.

The Obama Factor

None of these movements are entirely new, but most were in sharp decline by the late 1990s. Their resurgence now is widely seen among government and academic experts as a reaction to the tectonic shifts in American politics that allowed a black man with a foreign-sounding name and a Muslim-born father to reach the White House.

Obama's ascendancy unhinged (oh really??) the radical right, offering a unified target to competing camps of racial, nativist and religious animus. Even Patriots who had no truck with white supremacy found that they could amplify their antigovernment message by "constructing Obama as an alien, not of this country, insufficiently American," according to Michael Waltman, an authority on hate speech at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Perennial features of extreme-right scare lore — including imagined schemes (such powerful imaginations to actually materialize such incredible notions into manifest reality!) to declare martial law, abolish private ownership of guns and force dissidents into FEMA concentration camps — became more potent with Obama as the Commander in Chief.

"Constructing Obama as an alien, not of this country"?? "imagined schemes to declare martial law, abolish private ownership of guns, force dissidents into FEMA concentration camps"??

What sort of propagandized non-sense is this??

-Within seconds Obama could end the controversy concerning his birth place and prove he is an American citizen by simply producing his (legitimate) birth certificate.

-Perhaps Mr. Gellman would do well to read The Patriot Act (several hundred pages in total) and learn what sort of powers are granted to the Commander and Chief of the United States of America, among them, with but a stroke of a pen, he can declare martial law on a national scale.

-Abolition of private ownership of guns - this is an act that the UN continuously demands that the U.S. government performs on her people, and with the mounting pressure from various senators and government officials within our borders, such an act will be forthcoming. It is not mere fantasy (would to God that it was!).

-Deternment camps: Mr. Gellman are you suggesting that such things are the products of the overly imaginative paranoids that populate today's militias?

Interesting that an expert on 'hate speech' was used in this TIME article to comment on these so-called inflammatory, hateful remarks that are somehow unjustifiable and unproveable, but merely "lore" -

Michael Waltman, an authority on hate speech at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Perennial features of extreme-right scare lore

Members of militias around the country say, like [Kenneth] Goldsmith, [a militia officer and leader], that they resent comparison with white supremacists like Cummings and Von Brunn. They complain of being tarred as members of hate groups by watchdogs at the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center. "I can't tell you how much I enjoy being lumped in with sociopathic organizations like neo-Nazis, antiabortion extremists and Holocaust-denial groups," says Darren Wilburn, a private detective in New Smyrna Beach, Fla., who trains with a hard-core militia he preferred not to name. He cites his motto, "Life, liberty and the pursuit of anyone who threatens it," as evidence that he is not looking for trouble as long as trouble keeps clear of him.
These militia men are not just about guns and clips, they are also about court battles and congresses, of the Constitutional sort -

Bob Schulz, a leading exponent of the view that the IRS and much of the government it funds are operating illegally, has reached the brink of calling for war. The moment is significant because he is an influential voice among militia groups.

After more than a decade of conventional legal battles, Schulz and a network of allies organized by the We the People Foundation began filing hundreds of petitions for redress of grievances. Schulz had come to believe that the First Amendment's petition clause required governors, legislatures and federal agencies to provide specific and satisfactory answers to accusations of wrongdoing. He filled government dockets with thousands of questions — one petition, for instance, asked the IRS to "admit or deny" 116 allegations of fraud in the 1913 debate that ratified the 16th Amendment.

When his petitions went ignored and the Supreme Court declined to hear his case in 2007, he wrote a formal brief accusing the court of "committing treason to the Constitution." The IRS, meanwhile, revoked his foundation's tax-exempt status, alleging that he used it to promote an illegal "tax termination plan" and bringing tax-evasion charges against some of the people who followed Schulz's advice.

Last year Schulz convened hundreds of delegates to a second Continental Congress in St. Charles, Ill., drafting Articles of Freedom with "instructions" that state and federal governments halt unlawful operations. Refusal to comply would be "an act of WAR," the delegates wrote, and "the People and their Militias have the Right and Duty to repel it." Several militia leaders are among the authors.

There are other militia men that are giving constitutional seminars to county Sheriffs nation wide such as Richard Mack -

. . . [he's] urging them to resist what he describes as federal tyranny by force. Citing a long list of antecedents, beginning in 11th century England, Mack asserts that each of the nation's county sheriffs is the supreme constitutional authority in his or her jurisdiction. A sheriff has the power to arrest and, if necessary, use lethal force against federal officers who come uninvited, and he may "call out the militia to support his efforts to keep the peace in the county."
In his term as sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, Mack became famous for fighting and winning a legal battle against a provision of the Brady Bill that required him to enforce federal gun-control laws. He now says he wishes he had stayed out of court and simply drawn a line in the sand with the ATF. "I pray for the day when the first county sheriff has the guts to arrest the real enemy," he says. Among the enemy, he numbers "America's gestapo," the IRS. Steve Kendley, a Lake County, Montana, deputy sheriff who is running for the top office there on Mack's platform, says he expects federal agents to back off when threatened with arrest, but he is prepared for "a violent conflict" if "they are doing something I believe is unconstitutional."

To read the TIME magazine article in its entirety, please go to the following site:,8599,2022516-1,00.html

Because of sin, oppression became a fact of life on this wayward planet. Satan as the ruler of this present age oppresses the entire human race (within Divinely established parameters) and in following suit, governments and their leaders throughout history have felt privileged as a matter of noble right to diminish their fellow man to servitude, even bondage, viewed them as lesser beings, even as property.

In the last days, we know that anti-Christ will likewise hold the entire world is a death-grip of oppressive rule, and will brook no rebellion against his power. Eventually every one will be branded (in some sense) with his mark and swear undying allegiance to him, yet those who do will be forever damned.

In between time, a rather unique occurance happened; a shining moment of freedom when individuals, not governments were declared sovereign, and this freedom was ratified in a document by the founding fathers of America which boldly declared that the place of government was not to rule over people, but was for, by, and of the people.

Americans who realize this also understand how tenuous, how fragile and costly is that freedom; freedom indeed, is not free! It must be paid for to obtain, and it must be paid for to maintain. Yet because of prosperity and easy times, we Americans have become lazy, apathetic and careless about securing these freedoms and keeping our government accountable.

More to the point, there are forces at work beyond the infrastructure of our own government, the 'old world powers' of nobility and 'old money families of aristocracy' working behind the scenes to confiscate our freedoms and lure America into subjugation (and their job is pretty much completed)!

I believe it was George Washington that stated that "government is like a fire: it makes a fine servant when under control and confined in the hearth; but it becomes a devouring monster when unleashed, and burns the house down."

These people in the main, who are dedicated to these militias simply want to hold onto the freedom that is America - for this freedom is not merely an ideal, but a way of life for those willing to fight for it. Because these freedoms are endangered, they are well within their constitutional rights under the Bill of Rights to bear arms, to defend the citizens and their State.

Yet what of the Christian and the actions we're to take as representatives of Jesus Christ, ambassadors to the fallen sinners who have yet to truly become free? Where do we stand in this great struggle?

This is a question I've pondered for some time, and I struggle for answers, both in mind and in prayer. Each of us must seek God and understand what His calling is for us.

For myself, I know this much for certain. I am a pilgrim, a foreigner of sorts. This world truly is not my home. I'm passing through this fallen world on my way home. Yet while I am here, I will do what I can to secure freedom for America, but I dare not step beyond the line that God has drawn, and that line I believe forbids me, personally, to take the life of another.

What we as the church must realize is that while we may look around and perceive enemies of all kinds and persuasions, these are merely superficial. The real enemy is not seen, but governs from beyond those forces that are against God and His Word. With this great enemy and his principalities and powers are we, the church, to be engaged with in battle.

While we saints are still on this planet, and though every day passes by and the LORD still has not returned for us in the rapture, we must be involved in this spiritual battle and praying for this nation, and petitioning the LORD to stave off the evil forces that are even now dominating this world, and even (or especially) our corner of it.

The militia and the Christian are seeing the same thing: evil encroaching on the landscape; yet the former sees it in the physical only and there is where he seeks his solution - by physical, worldly means. The latter sees it in the spiritual as well as the physical, but he seeks his solution - by spiritual means.

May we therefore as the church of the LORD Jesus Christ become resolute in our decision and conduct ourselves valiantly in this warfare, not growing weary and fainting, but persevering in the power of His might, and seeking a spiritual victory. Even after all is said and done, we may not get our country back, but by remaining faithful to God, His Word and the Gospel, we shall still have our victory!