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This version of the article in this series has been updated (as of 8-09-13) and revised due to web links that have been outdated or broken. 

I've received some criticisms for posting that first article, it being stated that such things are a waste of time when there are so many far more important things that needs doing! Like the saving of souls, and maturing in Christ, and warning others of the LORD's soon return. 

I sincerely agree with all of these issues, that they are most important, and I do engage in these vital commissions, and intend on doing more of the same. 

So why am I persisting in these articles? As stated previously, we are living in incredible days, and they are about to get far more incredible-er (hey, it’s my blog, I can make up words if I wanna)! 

When the LORD Jesus was asked by His disciples when He would be returning, and when would the end of the world come, He answered quite thoroughly Matthew ch. 24 and Mark 13 (Luke 21); one thing He stated over again three different times:

"Take heed that no one deceive you." Deception of all sorts will run rampant in the last days; and so it is, of all kinds and varieties.

We already discussed that cryptic passage in Daniel ch. 2, and how the mysterious "they" would "mingle" (literally 'to braid') with "the seed (genetics) of men". The "they" would of course have to be something other than the seed of mankind itself. What other options are there?

The LORD Jesus also stated that As the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be. MATTHEW 24:37

Obviously the days of Noah entailed many things, for as it stated in Genesis . . . for the thoughts of every man was only evil continually. GEN 6:5. 
The wickedness of man was such that God saw no choice but to start over. Yet there was also that reference to Noah "being perfect in his generations" that is, having no physical blemish or flaw in his genealogical lineage.

He and his family were carefully preserved in the ark, and an uncontaminated lineage was thus, also preserved. When taken in context of Genesis ch. 6, this must be a reference to his family and himself not having any taint of the vile associations with the fallen angels who interbred with human females of that time.

LUKE 21:26
Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken

This, in conjunction with observations made by scientists and researchers, of current events, and sightings; the reviewing of testimonies and eye witness accounts of UFO's and alien visitations; and as well as these, writings of cultic (and occultic) Ufologists which have very telling beliefs and ideologies.

All of which begins to paint a picture that will be exhibited near the end of this rather unorthodox series (Please note- I am not using the writings and belief systems of scientists or shamans to legitimize any truth, in the biblical sense, only to reveal current trends in thinking that reflect on what prophecy indicates will transpire in these last days). 

Remember, that much of this is highly controversial, and I will be presenting views in these articles that I don't necessarily agree with in part, or on the whole*; yet I believe something is about to occur that we as Christians must be aware of, and we must assure those around us of the confusion and deliberate deceptions that are soon upon us.

*Case in point, regarding some of the information I've dug up is the idea of 'exogenesis' or what's otherwise known as 'directed panspermia'. This is the idea that, believe it or not, is starting to slowly gain acceptance in the scientific community: That life did not originate on Earth, but was brought here either by a random act of nature (panspermia) or that life was deliberately planted here by an intellectually superior alien race as perhaps, a kind of scientific experimentation (directed panspermia).

Click here on the link provided to learn more about this theory (its interesting that Dr. Francis Crick, a devout atheist found it impossible to believe that the intensely organized and obviously designed DNA could have evolved naturally, but, rather than admitting to a Divine Creator of Design, he instead turned to this for an answer): What is the theory of Directed Panspermia?

Those of us who hold to a Biblical world view and a literal hermeneutics of scripture will disregard such an idea as this! Yet would not such a concept fall in line with both evolutionary theory held as sacred by the secular society of the globe, and the idea that our future lies in the unification of the human race and our interstellar 'fathers' and in so doing, further a global agenda. 

If this was true, wouldn't it be reasonable that these interstellar fathers would want to check up on their children, and perhaps even administer a well needed 'spanking' for any misbehavior committed (nukes, supposed global warming, wars and contentions, poverty, etc.)?
Would it not also be reasonable for such to establish residence here on the planet to administer affairs of state, guiding us through the tumultuous days in which we now find ourselves?

This reminds me of a line from the original Star Trek series, where Captain Kirk made the comment, re: 20th century culture: "It was a time when our technology grew faster than our wisdom."

This notion of exogenesis/directed panspermia would seem to coincide with the supposed visitations of aliens in our distant past. In the late 60's, early 70's we all heard about or even read the book
The Chariots Of The Gods, by Erich von Däniken which was rightly disregarded for its flawed, so-called scientific methods.

Yet it fired the imaginations and the furtherance in the search for
secrets of our ancient past and our near future (in regards to supposed visitations by beings from 'Nibiru') and whether there might be some substantiation to the ideas von Daniken proposed and that of this idea of directed panspermia.

As you saw in the above video clip, scientists and researchers are intent on re-writing the Bible, portraying 'God' as an alien benefactor that created us to service their needs (as given for example - in mining precious metals from the earth). 

What they talk about, is very much in line with the GENESIS 6 account, but whereas the biblical account states that these were fallen angels, modern exposition from scientists and historians states that what we (Christians and Jews) call 'God' was in fact, merely highly evolved alien beings. 

One can appreciate how such thinking will condition the minds of people in these last days and will lead to incredible deception, just as the LORD Jesus warned. This deception where UFO's and alien intelligences are concerned can be seen in the writings and ideas of UFOlogists, UFO cult groups, and New Agers. We will check out some of their statements and beliefs later.

Far from being a modern phenomenon, UFO sightings have been recorded by ancient (and not so ancient) man throughout our history. Such as Alexander the Great and Christopher Columbus, apparently have seen unexplainable sights that could be interpreted as UFO's. Records have been uncovered as early as 1500 BC where Pharaoh Thutmose III In Egypt gives an account of a bizarre event! 

Read from the web site provided here UFOs Thru The Ages - A Timeline.

Now we turn to look at the findings of other researchers and scientists, namely Dr. John Mack, M.D., and then a variety of people from 'experiencers' to researchers, big business magnates (Lawrence Rockefeller), and others (French astronomer Jacques Vallee will be in the next article [as this one is already quite long!]):

First, Dr. John Mack - Visit his
web site and his personal biography. The dominant theme of his life's work has been the exploration of how one's perceptions of the world affect one's relationships. 
He addressed this issue of on the individual level in his early clinical explorations of dreams, nightmares and teen suicide . . . 

More about Dr. John Mack from wikipedia.

The following are excerpts from this link:

"Mack had a world view that was inspired by elements of spiritual and philosophical traditions which holds that people are all connected to one another; this theme of 'connection' was taken to a controversial extreme in the early 1990s when Mack commenced his decade-plus study of 200 men and women who reported recurrent alien encounter experiences.

"Such encounters had seen some limited attention from academic figures (R. Leo Sprinkle perhaps being the earliest, in the 1960s). Mack, however, remains probably the most esteemed academic to have studied the subject.

"He initially suspected that such persons were suffering from mental illness, but when no obvious pathologies were present in the persons he interviewed, his interest was piqued. Following encouragement from longtime friend Thomas Kuhn, who predicted that the subject might be controversial, but urged Mack to collect data and ignore prevailing materialist, dualist and 'either/or' analysis, Mack began concerted study and interviews. Many of those he interviewed reported that their encounters had affected the way they regarded the world, including producing a heightened sense of spirituality and environmental concern.

"Mack was somewhat more guarded in his investigations and interpretations of the abduction phenomenon than were earlier researchers. Literature professor Terry Matheson writes that 'On balance, Mack does present as fair-minded an account as has been encountered to date, at least as these abduction narratives go.'[4] In a 1994 interview, Jeffrey Mishlove stated that Mack seemed 'inclined to take these [abduction] reports at face value'. 

"Mack replied by saying 'Face value I wouldn't say. I take them seriously. I don't have a way to account for them.'[5] Similarly, the BBC quoted Mack as saying, 'I would never say, yes, there are aliens taking people. [But] I would say there is a compelling powerful phenomenon here that I can't account for in any other way, that's mysterious. Yet I can't know what it is but it seems to me that it invites a deeper, further inquiry.'[6] 

"Mack noted that there was a worldwide history of visionary experiences, especially in pre-industrial societies. One example is the vision quest common to some Native American cultures. Only fairly recently in Western culture, notes Mack, have such visionary events been interpreted as aberrations or as mental illness. Mack suggested that abduction accounts might best be considered as part of this larger tradition of visionary encounters. His interest in the spiritual or transformational aspects of people's alien encounters, and his suggestion that the experience of alien contact itself may be more transcendent than physical in nature—yet nonetheless real—set him apart from many of his contemporaries, such as Budd Hopkins, who advocated the physical reality of aliens." 

Dr. Mack has written two particular books on the subject of alien beings and abductions, Passport To the Cosmos and Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens

His later research broadened into the general consideration of the merits of an expanded notion of reality, one which allows for experiences that may not fit the Western materialist paradigm, yet deeply affect people's lives. His second (and final) book on the alien encounter experience, Passport to the Cosmos: Human Transformation and Alien Encounters (1999), was as much a philosophical treatise connecting the themes of spirituality and modern worldviews as it was the culmination of his work with the "experiencers" of alien encounters, to whom the book is dedicated. 

For an excerpt of the following title, click on this portion of Dr. Mack's book (produced here as a stand alone paper online) that explains the dilemma he faced when resolving the objective with the subjective world, and the legitimacy of the subjective (supposedly unprovable) experiences of the 'experiencers' (formerly known as 'abductees') had with alien entities which should not be dismissed out of hand by clinicians and researchers:
Witnessing: Abductees as Sacred Truth-Tellers by John E. Mack, M.D

Whitley Strieber (WS), novelist and author of various fiction, and non-fiction books, including Communion, in which he relates his personal experiences with what he believes are aliens. 

He interviews Dr. John Mack (JM) on Dreamland, a radio show broadcast. Click here for the video of this radio interview. 

Or if you prefer to read rather than listen: 

Take note of what Dr. Mack has to say about the Dalai Lama (who has long had an interest in UFO's from a Buddhist perspective. Religion, particularly Eastern religions with its long history is highly receptive towards enlightened beings from off our world, and as New (Age) Spirituality beliefs mimic Hinduism (and Buddhism) there is a strong proponent in this regard as well. 

What's interesting is that the Emergent Church likewise mirrors the New Age/Spirituality belief system, and this makes one wonder - - will leaders within the Emergent Church Movement likewise at some future point in time, endorse alien beings and their wisdom? 

The following is excerpted from the printed version of this interview: 

WS: “Was the Dalai Lama aware of the nature of your work?” 

JM: “Yeah, because we had met with him in 1992 He's had an interest in this all along and he sees this as an area that could mean something in terms of Western consciousness. 

“For the Tibetan people or for Tibetan philosophy and religion, the universe is filled with beings of all kinds, some of whom can manifest in the material world, so this is not an extraordinary matter for them. But the fact that this is gaining attention in the West is an extraordinary matter, so that was particularly what has been interesting to him, and how this can open up Western thinking to appreciate a much different kind of universe.” 

Remarkable statement when one considers the nature, and spiritual source of Buddhism, their appreciation of "beings of all kinds" and how alien intelligences interacting with people in the West will "open up" their thinking. 

JM: “There's a shock to discover that what native peoples all over the world of course have known and still know, and we used to know this too, that the universe is filled with beings, with intelligences which don't necessarily manifest in the material form, although they may, this is opening people to this kind of awareness.” 

Of course as Christians, we are well aware of this fact, but we understand that these intelligences are not precisely what they pretend to be, but are actually quite deceptive about their own identity, their agenda, and their ultimate goal for mankind (Dr. Jacques Vallee has made note of this in his own writings, and at the time of his writings he was agnostic.)

Regarding sexual experiences with these alien beings – 

JM: “…I've heard this story from many people. There's a whole section in the last chapter of the book called Parenting on the Other Side, in which there is usually one other being that the human has a very strong connection with, a very deep connection which may or may not have an erotic part to it, but it is a very deep, intimate, close and often sexual kind of experience, which has a very different quality than sexuality. 
So when people say, ‘Well, you write about sex with aliens,’ you know, ‘ho ho ho,’ it's really not like that. It's a much more transcendent, often highly spiritual.” 

This interview is very fascinating when one considers its statements from a Christian perspective, as it ties in alien encounters, spiritual/religious beliefs from pagan cultures, and their common sources from the spiritual reality that surrounds this fallen world! 

Here, for your consideration is a presentation with Drs. Mack and Hopkins re: 'aliens' and their impact on humanity: EXPLORING The ALIEN ABDUCTION EXPERIENCE (1 hr. 3 mins). 

Much of the information Dr. Mack presented at this Congress has profound implications as to how human beings may view these alien intelligences in the future, and their potential reception of said intelligences as sources of foundational sacred truths. 

Such views coincide precisely with New Spirituality thought that these are higher levels of beings, far wiser and more knowledgeable than ourselves and that we would do well to heed their counsels and guidance as those who are attuned to them may be used as channels for them to communicate with us, the people of Earth. 

The communications from these entities however reveal their nature, and scripture certainly exposes their intentions to deceive and bring into subjection (which correlates with the same experiences as those who become demon possessed). Such is the world yet to come, when tyrannical dominance under the reign of the Beast will become reality. 

Something else about Dr. Mack is that he seemed to attract the attention of mega-wealthy philanthropist and global corporate leader, Lawrence Rockefeller, elder brother of David, who also funds ecological and environmental organizations and conferences, and fraternizes with New Spiritualists, Futurists, Native Religious authorities, along with UFOlogists. 

Check this out: The New York Daily News ran a curious story on 85-year-old billionaire philanthropist. Laurence Rockefeller who is funding a special report on UFOs to be sent to President Clinton and other world leaders. Michael Luckman, director of the New York Center for UFO Research, says the Rockefeller report entitled The Best Available Evidence “features testimony from former military officials and astronauts that contradicts Air Force denials of . . . [aliens] . . .” 

The billionaire’s name again pops up as a VIP attendee at Bill Clinton’s birthday party held on a Rockefeller estate in August last year. The New York Daily News of August 24 reported that while President Clinton was on the prowl for campaign cash, Laurence was on the look out for ETs.

Rockefeller has been pressing the Clinton administration to open the government’s UFO files. Laurence thinks it’s time the government came clean on the subject of UFOs, particularly the rumored crash of a spacecraft in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. 

Is Laurence just another ‘truth seeker’, or could there be a more sinister motivation behind his devotion to this obscure quest? Certainly, there’s no doubt that the Rockefellers constitute one of the world’s wealthiest and most influential dynasties. Rockefeller Funds UFO, Alien Research has been splashing out substantial sums of money (aka ‘Rockybucks’) to prominent UFO/alien researchers and fringe research foundations. He has channeled (pardon the pun) money into Dr. John Mack, the Harvard psychiatrist famous for his book on so-called ‘alien abductions’. 

Laurence is alleged, based on well substantiated rumors and published information, to have also made a contribution of prestige and perhaps money to help Dr. Mack resist efforts at Harvard to censure him for his ‘alien abduction’ beliefs (in one of the video clips, Dr. Mack makes mention of this). 

At a meeting of the Rhode Island Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), Mack likened the abductee experience to that of "an endangered animal . . . hunted and . . . debilitated in order to be moved to a safe place . . . for the survival of its species." 
Mack believes the ‘greys’ (aliens) are trying to tell us in a cryptic way - through the abduction experience - our species is in danger. In order to save us from extinction, they are playing God by doing some evolutionary tinkering with our DNA. Greens [Linking Alien Presence to Environmentalism], “...intelligences of the highest power are absolutely appalled that this one species is so out of control, so insensitive to the living ecosystem of the earth...” 

Mack also managed to link ufology and ecology - another of Laurence’s longtime causes; Mack’s bridge between UFOs and ecology is evident in a recent book of articles compiled by the Sierra Club, Ecopsychology. Mack asks:  

“How do we invent a new psychology of our relationship to the earth?” Critics accuse Mack of founding a new religion in the “green politics” of the aliens. His response that he “cannot help it if this is the communication coming through,” digests well with Laurence who concurs with the aliens that we must immediately stop destroying our precious earth. 

Mack states “it’s not as if there’s no truth to the warning” adding that this message comes through to people who are “not environmentally sophisticated.” 

The Human Potential Foundation founded by U.S. Senator Claiborne Pell and based in Falls Church, Virginia, is another project funded primarily by Laurence Rockefeller. According to Dick Farley, who worked for the organization for about three years, Rockefeller’s interest in HPF seemed to be the promotion of, “alternative and psychiatric/psychological paradigms, including so-called ‘UFOs’ and ‘abductions,’ having ‘Global Mind Change’ potentials. 
Rockefeller put more than $700,000 through the ‘HPF’ from 1991 to 1994, as Common Cause Magazine recently reported.” 

The President of HPF, ‘retired’ naval intelligence officer Cdr. C.B. “Scott” Jones, Ph.D., was a contractual consultant to the Defense Nuclear Agency (1981-1985) before next working for Senator Pell as Special Assistant (1985-1991), ostensibly looking after Pell’s “paranormal” interests (Jones is also listed in John Mack’s book alongside Laurence Rockefeller). 

The Human Potential Foundation stages conferences like last year’s When Cosmic Cultures Meet where luminaries gathered that included: 

 -Author and investigative reporter (and noted New Spiritualist) Ruth Montgomery

 -UFO author and psychologist Leo Sprinkle 

 -Transpersonal and para-psychologist Charles Tart 

 -Native American historian Paula Underwood 

 -Environmental activist Don Ware -Futurist John Petersen (no significant Internet information on this person)

 -Orientalist and author Zecharia Sitchin 

 -Psychiatrist and author John Mack 

 -Clinical researcher Richard Boylan 

 -Editor of Omni Magazine Keith Ferrell 

 -Founder of CONTACT James Funaro and others. 

At When Cosmic Cultures Meet the conference dealt with a range of interesting subject matter. Joan d’Arc of Newspeak, who attended the conference, said the problem she found with “the ‘Have-You-Hugged-Your-Gray-Today’ school generally prevailing at the HPF conference is nobody was saying perhaps ETs and abduction experiences are very bad news.” 

And whose job will it be to make official contact with our space helpers? Joan was handed a questionnaire at the HPF conference that asked attendees to place in order of importance which government/military bodies should be given the job. No doubt the chosen body will also announce the arrival of our space brothers. They are apparently a little shy when it comes to human interaction, choosing instead to ‘abduct’ and study us on an individual basis. 

All Laurence’s pet projects contain a familiar theme: Aliens are here to help us, perhaps aid us along the evolutionary ladder. Is it a case of he who pays the piper calls the tune? Alien Invasion? 

The article goes on to state the case that the most powerful of this world would be the ones the aliens would seek contact (in this case, the Rockefellers) in order to obtain a 'gradualist' introduction on a grand scale to the people of the Earth. 

Even Michael Eisner, president of Disney is getting in on the act, doing his part to introduce the aliens favorably to a watching audience. He says things like: 

“From beyond the boundaries of our perceptions, intelligent beings are beckoning mankind to join the galactic community. It’s an invitation which is both wondrous and terrifying. Alien ships seem to arrive in waves and, if the last few years are any indication, planet Earth is experiencing a tsunami of sightings. 

“As early as 1947, the large alien ships began to arrive, navigated by living creatures. Their advanced physics allowed them to traverse the galaxy and pierce Earth’s atmosphere with amazing speed. More than one alien craft crashed and was recovered for secret U.S. military research." 

To read this article in its entirety, please click on the following link: The Rockefeller - UFO Connection: An Alien Conspiracy

Now here is another link that has simply VOLUMES of information on this controversial subject, including over a dozen video clips from various speakers, from all different professions, from various nations. 

I would recommend that you set aside some time and review this information at your leisure. MUCH of this is simply fascinating as far as how the ideologies of ‘alien cultures’ will impact our own and condition us to accept the new world order and all that this entails!

That said, please note once again, that I do NOT endorse much, most or even all of what is said in these videos and articles; I am merely demonstrating the prevailing views that are steering us towards these climatic days in which the end of all things will be at hand.

Check it out
here. As stated earlier, information about Dr. Jacques Vallee's discoveries and perspectives will appear in the next article, as well as statements made by political and military leaders on this subject; and time and space permitting, the industrial/military complex's involvement.

Until then, be prepared to leave 'mothership Earth' because our LORD can come for His prepared-and-ready bride AT - ANY - MOMENT! Maranatha!

brother James

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E.T. = Extraterrestrial Terrorists? Part I

(note: due to the enormity of information on this subject and the amount of coverage I desire to address, this will more than likely be covered in a series of articles.)

U.F.O.'s and E.B.E.'s (extraterrestrial biologic entities). Are they real or contrived? Are they within the scope of reality or merely wishful thinking? If such beings do exist elsewhere in the universe, what are they like, what are their interests in us and our world, and why would they be visiting planet Earth? Are they benevolent, or inimical to the human race, or perhaps some of both?

We as the people of Earth have asked such questions for a very long time. I believe we are approaching a day - soon to come - in which we will have these answers, but I'm also convinced that they will lead to a grand deception of epic proportions!

I believe that we are living in incredible days; the future holds such events that we quite frankly wouldn't believe if we were told about them in advance.

How many of us would have believed on Sept. 10th, 2001 that the following day, the WTC would be no more? Of course this scenario, while horrendous and dumbfounding as it was, at least fell within the realm of plausibility (it would be conceivable that a jetliner (or two, or three) could crash into some building(s) as a hostile means of attack).

And granted, what I am about to venture into here in this article is highly conjectural, I believe it holds some merit, and should be considered by all of us; its up to you the reader to determine for yourselves if I am correct regarding the merit of this conjecture.

In these articles I want to delve into Biblical texts that address these things, visit different web sites and convey the informed research and opinions of scientists such as psychologist John Mack M.D. and Jacques Vallee, French astronomer. There will be documentation and video clips as well that unveil more about this phenomenon.

ALIEN or ANGELIC (Close Encounters Of The Fallen Kind)

Aliens from outer space have long been the subject of interest to those of us more modern humans; on the internet its the 2nd most popular subject of interest (the first, unfortunately being pornography).

Major Motion Pictures, television movies, docu-dramas as well as documentaries have drenched our society. As well as this, magazines about E.T.s and UFOs, and also publications of professional articles inundate institutions of learning, libraries and magazine racks and related topics for more than a century (regarding the writings of this subject).

Do we have an interest in such things? The answer is obvious.

UFO's and aliens are mysterious and elusive, and our curious nature loves to explore (even just for fun) such notions. Our major media, particularly the movie and television industries have literally flooded our consciousness with these 'little green men' and their ships, both friendly versions and villianous.

Take this one for example:

"V" was such a popular series in its day, that a new series was produced! Check out  V: 2009 and note the novel that this series was based on and what THAT was all about (interesting!); also consider this synopsis.

The HISTORY Channel reveals countless numbers of films, documentaries and information (945 links) that deals with this subject matter.

Yet our own modern media isn't the only source of information about UFO's and our potential initial encounters with them on a global scale.

While this writer doesn't subscribe to the validity of the writings of Nostrodamus as being inspired by God, he was influenced by spiritual forces and had much to say about UFO and USO vessels and their alien pilots.

Ancient Mayan culture believed as did Native American cultures, in previous visitations from beings of another world, as do many in the Hindu religion and now Islamic and Roman Catholic leadership endorse the belief in alien life with no apparent conflict to their own religious convictions.

There is for all intents and purposes a universal acknowledgement of alien life and visitations, and these all seem to be converging to an apexial point in time on our global horizon.

I rather like what Chuck Missler asks about these supposed creatures from another world: "The question that should be asked is not, 'Are they real?' but rather 'What are they really?'" More with Dr.Missler later (Note: This author does not necessarily agree with all the teachings, suppositions and assertions made by Dr. Missler).

There are a few possibilities as to the nature of these things:

+ Either they are product of our own imaginings, personally and, or collectively, based upon previous mythologies, legends and even yearnings for something greater than ourselves overseeing the affairs of mankind. Ancient man had his gods; modern man has, perhaps, his E.T.'s?

+ These are actual aliens from another planet that have come to visit, study, and analyze our world as a kind of anthropological, sociological and biological scientific investigation.

+ They could be 'Above Top Secret' Black Ops which would appear as alien craft to those of us ignorant of such heretofore unknown technologies.

+ These beings could be quite real, but not extraterrrestrial in origin as we would commonly use that term. They could be 'interdimensional' beings that are actually more mind or spirit than physical creatures (Dr. Jacques Vallee has some very interesting insights in this matter).

Sightings and stories re: beings from another world are not a modern phenomenon as I'm sure most of us are aware; legends from cultures as ancient as Sumeria, Egypt and Babylon have recorded in one form or another accounts of such visitations.

Even the Bible has something to say about visitations from non-humans who've ventured into our earthly domain and conducted certain interactions with the early generations of mankind. Many assume that these beings are, in fact, aliens from another planet.

As Christians we are certain of the Truth of God's Word, and we must judge all things on this basis. Therefore it would seem both prudent and necessary to look into the pages of scriptures and see what God tells us regarding this issue:

Our first stop is in (of course) Genesis ch. 6 -

GEN 6:1-7
And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. 
And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. 
And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. 
And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. 
And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them.

Now let's see what Chuck Missler can tell us about these bizarre circumstances and proceding events:

"Mischievious Angels or Sethites?"

Here are a few exerpts from the above article:

"The strange events recorded in Genesis 6 were understood by the ancient rabbinical sources, as well as the Septuagint translators, as referring to fallen angels procreating weird hybrid offspring with human women-known as the "Nephilim." So it was also understood by the early church fathers. These bizarre events are also echoed in the legends and myths of every ancient culture upon the earth: the ancient Greeks, the Egyptians, the Hindus, the South Sea Islanders, the American Indians, and virtually all the others."

Regarding those legends and myths of every ancient culture; we know them as the various renditions of the "pantheon of the gods", most popularly known in the Greek version, what with Zeus, Apollo, Athena, etc. which co-habitated with humans and procreated with them, creating the demi-gods such as Hercules and Achilles: half god/half humans who were proficient in martial arts and, or superior intelligence. Note that even in the Genesis account, it states that these were "mighty men of renown".

If in fact these were normal humans, there would have been no need to create a distinct designation for their offspring and yet they are referred to in the Word of God as "nephilim".

The term translated "the Sons of God" is, in the Hebrew, B'nai HaElohim, "Sons of Elohim," which is a term consistently used in the Old Testament for angels,4 and it is never used of believers in the Old Testament. It was so understood by the ancient rabbinical sources, by the Septuagint translators in the 3rd century before Christ, and by the early church fathers. Attempts to apply this term to "godly leadership" is without Scriptural foundation.5

Beyond any textual doubt, these 'sons of God' were not a righteous lineage of man (the Sethite view) interbreeding with a morally and spiritually inferior family line. These were definitely angels, of the fallen kind.

Some would object to this idea due to the verse in Matthew which states that citizens of heaven, saved by the blood of the Lamb will be as the angels are, for they neither marry, nor are they given in marriage (MATT 22:30). This seems to suggest that angels in heaven don't marry, but are they capable of such?

They wouldn't rebel because these angels are holy, and obedient to God; this says nothing however of the fallen angels who disregard God's will, and could engage in such activities.

Chuck continues:

The Biblical term "Sons of Elohim" (that is, of the Creator Himself), is confined to the direct creation by the divine hand and not to those born to those of their own order.6 In Luke's genealogy of Jesus, only Adam is called a "son of God."7 The entire Biblical drama deals with the tragedy that humankind is a fallen race, with Adam's initial immortality forfeited. Christ uniquely gives them that receive Him the power to become the sons of God.8 Being born again of the Spirit of God, as an entirely new creation,9 at their resurrection they alone will be clothed with a building of God10 and in every respect equal to the angels.11 The very term oiketerion, alluding to the heavenly body with which the believer longs to be clothed, is the precise term used for the heavenly bodies from which the fallen angels had disrobed.12

The proliferation of these unholy unions, and their resultant unnatural offspring was a primary reason for the Flood; had these fallen angels corrupted the entire human race, the promise given to Adam and Eve in sending a Redeemer via "the seed of the woman"(GEN. 3:15) would not be able to be kept, as there would have been no 'entirely human' creatures on the Earth (they would have been corrupted by this interbreeding with the fallen angels).

There was however one family line that did maintain their purity as Chuck states:

The very absence of any such adulteration of the human genealogy in Noah's case is also documented in GEN 6:9

These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God

Noah's family tree was distinctively unblemished or "perfect in his generations". The term used, tamiym, is used for physical blemishes.18

There is New Testament confirmation regarding this 'foul play' between these fallen angels and human women recorded in 2 PETER 2:4-5 and in JUDE 1:6,7.

Even Peter's vocabulary is provocative. Peter uses the term Tartarus, here translated "hell." This is the only place that this Greek term appears in the Bible. Tartarus is a Greek term for "dark abode of woe"; "the pit of darkness in the unseen world." The allusions to "going after strange flesh," keeping "not their first estate," having "left their own habitation," and "giving themselves over to fornication," seem to clearly fit the alien intrusions of Genesis 6. (The term for habitation, oivkhth,rion, refers to their heavenly bodies from which they had disrobed.24)

After the flood there were nephilim as well, most notably those that inhabited Canaan, prior to Israel's entering the land. The ten spies were sent out by Joshua to spy out the land, and eight of them came back with an evil report, stating that these inhabitants were so large that "we were as grasshoppers in their sight".
Whereas God judged the Earth at the first infraction of these fallen angels by wiping out their offspring and all rebellious mankind with a global flood; at this point at the onset of the conquest of Canaan, God used Israel as His Holy Gavel, shattering the inhabitants (who were given 400 yrs. to repent and refused) and the nephilim.

For further exploration of this critical topic, see the following:

George Hawkins Pember, Earth's Earliest Ages, first published by Hodder and Stoughton in 1875, and presently available by Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids MI, 1975. 

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Another reason that an understanding of Genesis 6 is so essential is that it also is a prerequisite to understanding (and anticipating) Satan's devices26 and, in particular, the specific delusions to come upon the whole earth as a major feature of end-time prophecy.27 

"The RETURN of the NEPHILIM.")

The Days of Noah

Perhaps the most direct prophetic reference involving these things was the peculiar warning of our Lord Jesus Himself:

LUKE 17:26
And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.

What does that mean? He also warned:

LUKE 21:25,26 (emphasis added)
And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

It is interesting to note that one of the titles of Satan is "the prince of the power of the air" and that we wage spiritual warfare against those principalities in "heavenly places."

In these last days could it be that upon the coming of our LORD in the rapture of the church, part of His judgment in "shaking the heavens" will result in a casting down from the heavenlies, and a manifestation of these evil spiritual forces, but in the form of 'alien spacecraft'?

There are precedents as found in EZEK 1:13-16,19; 10:10-13

These were certainly not alien spacecraft, as its specifically stated that they are cherubim (the most mighty of the angelic host) similar, but not identical to those same cherubim that surround the throne of God in Revelation (REV 4:6; 5:11; 7:11).

Even so, the fact that these cherubim that Ezekiel saw seem to have a 'alien spacecraft-like' appearance what with their wheels within wheels and eyes round about, would suggest that angels (whether holy OR EVIL) could manifest in such ways is quite telling. More on the transmutational abilities of UFO's as witnessed in many sightings with Dr. Jacques Vallee later.

Chuck states -

Is it possible that the UFOs - and their occupants - are part of an end-time scenario?

The Miry Clay of Daniel 2

The famous dream of Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel Chapter 2 appears to lay out all of Gentile history until God ultimately intervenes and sets up His own kingdom.

The various metals which make up the image in the dream are well known to serious students of prophecy.9 Even our common expression, "the idol has feet of clay," comes to us from this classic passage.

But what is represented by the "miry clay" in this image? It seems to be strangely mixed-but not completely-with the iron in the dream. The term "miry clay" refers to clay made from dust,10 a Biblical idiom which suggests death.11 )

When Daniel interprets this for us he makes an especially provocative allusion in verse 43:

DAN 2:43
And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

As he switches to a personal pronoun, they, "shall mingle themselves with the seed of men..." 

The Hebrew word for mingle here is very telling: "arab" meaning to co-mingle, to mix and its based on the root word "'arab" to braid, to traffic, meddle, engaged, occupiers." I don't know about you, but when I think about that word 'braid' I think of the double-helix of the genetic structures that make up our DNA codes!

This is extremely suggestive when viewed in light of the warning of our Lord in,

LUKE 17:26
And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.
ostensibly directing us to look more closely at GENESIS 6.

Just what (or who) are "mingling with the seed of men?" These would seem to refer to some beings who are not the seed of men themselves!

Could this be a hint of a return to the mischief of Genesis 6? It staggers the mind to consider the potential significance of Daniel's passage and its implications for the future global governance.

Are these "aliens" so prolific that they constitute a political constituency?

Will there be UFO incidents as part of a carefully orchestrated program to lead us toward a political agenda? Or has it started already? Are the UFOs, and the increasingly widespread abductions, part of the preparations for this scenario?

Chuck continues . . .

UFO Abductions?
There seems to be a growing concern within the psychiatric community from the strange (and far too frequent) reports from people who claim to have been "abducted" by the occupants of UFOs. These reports are too bizarre to accept, and yet too frequent-and consistent-to ignore. What is particularly disturbing is the estimate from some national polls that as much as 3% of the population may be involved!

Perhaps the most well-known researcher in this area is Dr. John E. Mack, (We will be watching some clips from Dr. Mack in subsequent articles in this series) who is professor of psychiatry at The Cambridge Hospital, Harvard Medical School. A contributor to over 150 articles in professional (peer-reviewed) journals and a former Pulitzer Prize winner, he certainly appears to have impressive credentials.

He has been involved in almost a hundred of these cases personally, and has shocked the professional community by declaring that he believes these beings may be real and that they appear to have an agenda to develop a hybrid race!

At a professional conference on abductions at M.I.T., Dr. Mack asked the provocative question, "If what these abductees (now referred to as 'experiencers') are saying is happening to them isn't happening, then what is?"13

Could all this involve a return to the strange events of "the Days of Noah?"


Dr. Mark Eastman and I have just published a new book, Alien Encounters, which attempts to explore the Biblical implications of the increasing reports of UFOs and their occupants, and their potential prophetic significance.

In addition to the above mentioned book Alien Encounters by Missler and Eastman (which I have), another book which might be of some interest to some of you is ALIEN INTRUSION by Gary Bates; I have read it, and recommend it most enthusiastically. I wrote a two part report on this book, and you can read them on The RED PILL Consortium here (Part 1; see the link for Part 2 in the margin, right hand side).

In summary then, we have learned that angels did in fact co-habitat with human females and that their union produced hybrid species not fully human, nor fully angelic, but a weird genetic amalgam of the two.

That these activities were not limited to the pre-Flood earth, but continued in the days of the Canaan conquest; it's very intriguing that there are no references to the genocide or extinction of these beings. And if they occured after the Flood, could Satan be employing such activities today?

The verse in Daniel ch. 2 would suggest that at some point in these Last days he would commence such operations; perhaps they have already begun?

There is among the documentations of UFO encounters, testimonies of people who claim they were not only abducted, but sexual exams and testings were performed on their bodies, and that the women were impregnated. Also, there are such documented testimonies that these offspring went full term, and that the mothers were presented with their children which appeared non-human in some respects (including some aspects such as having six digits on their hands and feet: recall your story of a famous giant/nephilim, Goliath!).

One might validly ask, after stating: the Nephilim in pre-Flood days were proliferated by Satan in an attempt to arrest the promise of God re: the provision of Redemption via "the seed of the woman"; and the same plan was incorporated in Canaan in order to prevent the children of Israel from taking conquest of Canaan. Why then, would Satan be interested in creating these hybrids in these last days?

A VERY good question, and one that we shall address in a later article in this series.

For now, let's examine a classification for UFO/Alien encounters that was formulated by respected ufologist J. Allen Hynek

In an attempt to fit various types of UFO/alien experiences into some categorized listing, the astronomer and ufologist J. Allen Hynek created a classification system. He first introduced this terminology to the world in his book, "The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry" in 1972. 

His determination was that UFO/alien encounters could be broken down into three basic types.

It is accepted that a close encounter must occur within a 500 foot range to avoid the misidentification of conventional terrestrial aircraft or other natural phenomena. Beyond that range objects are considered to be either "nocturnal lights", "daylight disks", or " visual and radar reports". 

According to Hynek's classification system a close encounter of the first kind is the near sighting (500 foot or less away) of an unidentified flying object, odd lights or an aerial object that is maneuvering or otherwise displaying characteristics that are not possible with terrestrial technology. 

A close encounter of the second kind is the sighting of a UFO that leaves some physical trace of its presence. These can take the form of either measurable heat or radiation damage on the observer or damage to the immediate terrain and its flora and fauna. Incidences of human paralysis or inexplicable frightened or agitated animals as well as interference of radio and television reception fall into this category. The phenomena of "lost time" associated with a UFO sighting is also a second kind encounter.

Due to Steven Spielberg's famous movie, close encounters of the third kind are most well known. This encounter scenario is where the witness observes "animate beings" in associated with the sighted UFO. Hynek himself did not wish to use the term "alien" as there was no was to rule out the possibility that the beings seen were actually humans as opposed to automatically assuming they were of extraterrestrial origin. 

Others have added extra classifications to this list although not all ufologists universally accept them. 

Ted Bloecher added seven more potential categories although they are mostly subsets of the major classifications and three do not particularly pertain to UFO's or aliens at all. Of the most accepted of these additional classifications is added the close encounters of the fourth kind. In the fourth close encounter category is the actual abduction of a human by alien beings.

The close encounters of the fifth kind classification was proposed by Steven M. Greer, the founder of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence. These encounters are one's mutually arrived at with a conscious and deliberate purpose by both the humans and the aliens for the purposes of communication. These "contactee" encounters were considered to have begun sometime in the 1950's and supposedly continue, along with the less planned encounters, to this day.

If you would like to examine more materials from this source, here is the link for you:

Close Encounters - The Classification Scale ALIENS AND UFOS 

In the next article we will look at some video clips and articles from Dr. Mack and Dr. Jacques Vallee on various topics involving this subject, as well as some spurious theories which attempt to explain our origins as being extraterrestrial:

Until then . . . dare I say it?? (YEAH!)
Live Long and prosper... in JESUS the Author and Finisher of the Faith and Eternal Life (I do hope the LORD beams us up soon!) !!!

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