Friday, July 9, 2010

Where America Is and Where It's Heading Too Quickly

ANOTHER CRIMSON CAPLET - For the survival of this nation, each of us needs to swallow THIS ONE!
This is the shortest post I've ever made on The RED PILL . . .

This video needs to be watched by every patriotic American who longs for this nation to return to its godly ways, and to the GOD Who once blessed this nation!

2 Chron. 7:14 - It's truly now or never saints!!!

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Sunday, July 4, 2010


The following is fictitious, in the sense that this confession is not something actually made by any, single, real person who is in favor of globalism, who is himself a globalist - - or 'goblin' (a homonym). The assertions made herein are however, a kind of amalgam of statements made by many different goblins that have declared such things throughout the decades, and across the globe.

For the purpose of this fiction, I will call this particular goblin, Devon Stonefield:

My name is Devon Stonefeld, and I grew up in a very affluent family on the West Coast. We had the best of everything in houses (mansions really) from all around the globe, cars, yachts, wardrobes, food, servants - everything from lawyers, accountants and managers to butlers, maids and gardeners.

We also had the best of education in all the finest private schools and universities, not that we would need such towards working; we're the traditional 'blue bloods' of the aristocratic classes and wouldn't deign to pick up a ledger, much less a shovel.

We also learned from our fathers, and forebears the nature of our kind, as opposed to that of the common man, if man they can be called. We were born to destiny, to hold the reins of this world as the elite class, or as some have called us, the power elite.

We are the king makers; we set up those whom we deem worthy of speaking to and dealing with the general populace in our respective regions (you would call them sovereign nations - what a joke!); governmental leaders that you think you vote into office, but in all actuality are appointed to their positions by us, the enlightened.

In fact, we've taken it upon ourselves as the world's most powerful beings, to govern all the affairs of mankind, from the various spheres of politics, economics, social development, also what's known as the military-industrial complex, and even religion. Some have even referred to us as 'the puppet masters'; not an entirely inappropriate expression, as those we manipulate are hardly more worthy of being called truly 'human' than a miniature effigy bound to strings.

I know what you're thinking: That we are a bunch of unfeeling, uncaring predators that are only intent on controlling the masses just to feed our over-bloated egos.

What you must understand is that evolution, by means of natural selection has called upon us, with our superior intellects (how else would we acquire the power, prestige, knowledge [including the mundane as well as the mystical] but by this noble process?) and vision to accomplish what we would, over the mindless, uninspired, common rabble of society.

Evolution teaches us that nature has fine tuned, and intricately balanced this world between the predators and the prey. I know this sounds heartless, and bereft of any compassion towards our 'fellow man' (as if all men 'were created equal' - what rubbish!), but these are simply the cold, hard facts of nature. Wolves don't seek to exercise compassion upon the sheep, they seek the sheep for the purpose of consumption, as a viable and available resource to be exploited for their own use.

That's what all of you exist for: to serve us, the most excellent creme De la creme of the world.

This political experiment known as America was a rather quaint heart-felt wish by the commoners, but really rather impractical; people are incapable of governing themselves - how could they? They aren't enlightened by the Ascended Masters of the world beyond, as we are! And the world at large and the sheep within, for the vast majority of its history has been controlled by rulers with absolute sway and total autonomy, while the hoardes of human subjects remain docile and mute before their betters.

Darwin spoke of these ideas in On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. A truly inspired work, even if he himself didn't realize the full importance of his concepts, but I strongly suspect he did! What you have to understand is that some of us are meant to be the high ideal of mankind, indeed a truly superior species encroaching on godhood, while others are meant to be the banal beasts of burden.

You might cringe at this sort of thing as racist (what else could one expect from unenlightened minds?), but in point of fact, its entirely credible and well documented in such works as Helena Blavatsky, and her revelations of the five hierarchical races of the world.

Blavatsky put forth the teaching of the ‘Ascended Masters’ and the Root Races – races she claimed explained each era of man – the Polarian, Hyperborean, Lemurian, Atlantean and during her time, the Aryan.

There is about as much similarity between our own species and your own as there is between you and your pet dogs and cats; sorry if you find this insulting, but that's just the way it is. We of the enlightened have "the will to power" and none of you does. This makes it our right to rule - our drive to excel in all things and dominate lesser beings.

And like cattle, we will need to catalog you just as we now have files of information about you, so that we might better control you. And controlled you must be; for the stability, security and peace of this world to be ensured - at least that's the party line answer. The real fact of the matter is that we don't want the rabble of this world roaming free and wild. You need to be cataloged, caged, and controlled; you need to fulfill your destiny by serving us "from cradle to grave" as the servants you were meant to be. Freedom is for the deserving, not for those who would fritter such away in meaningless, uninspired existence, squatting in the dirt and feeding on mire like so many animals.

You remember when 9-11 happened? We made sure we asked you commoners if you would "be willing to give up some freedoms for a little more security"? What most of you didn't realize that in any state of war (and we are in a war against the lower species of humanity who buck and rebel against any one who would attempt to rein them in) 'security' is a military term for 'control'. Now if we had asked you "would you be willing to give up some freedoms so that you might be better controlled", I doubt that would fly very well!

Just as you allowed the Patriot Act, and other legislation to go into effect as a result of 9-11, and remain properly mute, we will likewise create and stage other forms of chaos to lower your resistance, and submit to our processing of chipping all of you with bio-chip technologies (such is already being done for social interactions, monitoring leaders of high industry and government, and for entertainment purposes, just to create the impression of its harmlessness) - or perhaps not, as our technology has surpassed this form of information storage, retrieval and tracking.

One day we will actualize our dream of a world without borders. No pesky boundaries of bothersome and stupid, insipid sovereignty to interfere with the ease of control. No legal infrastructures which we now circumnavigate around through legal loop holes and monetary flow will be in place, and this will mean a great deal of savings in money, and so we can direct our funds elsewhere to better establish our global governance. 

We are already advancing in this realm here in America and soon to come, the North American Community, followed quickly by or an immediate jump to the North American Union. Other unions will join the European original, or perhaps the up-and-coming Mediterranean Union, such as Asia, Africa, and South America (and still more others) until we can finally link all these unions together, and then we can enjoy more fully the fruits of our (yours and mine) labors in bringing about the two distinct classes of our beloved world order: the enlightened, ruling elite of oligarchical intelligensia and supremely wealthy upper class, and the dim-witted, marginally-thinking poverty stricken lower class - half starved and barely literate that will be easily managed.

That is, those of you who we deem essential to survive; most of you will, of course, have to be eliminated for the good of the planet - let's hear it for environmental protection and ecological concerns! Without this ploy we wouldn't have been able to get nearly so far, so quickly as we have in our agenda of population control (not to mention the fact that 'fewer is better' in regards to global management and control). 

We are slowly accomplishing this already by our 'food fight' plan, which is to say, using food as a weapon against the sheeple. Such additives and chemicals and genetic alterations introduced into your food will cause all sorts of illnesses and gradually life-shortening effects.
Besides all of which, we have the total control of crop seed, and have been able to genetically remove its ability to reproduce more seed in its crops!

You will want to survive of course, so you will spend as much as you're able on doctors, pharmaceuticals, hospital stays, and we will rake in the profits as we own the major pharmaceutical companies.

We are currently making great strides and unprecedented success (not since the turn of the 20th century when we managed through the likes of Eddy House and others, to get an incrementally graduated income tax and a central bank established did we enjoy greater success!) in socialized medicine, the furthering of control in commerce via 'bail outs' in procuring Federal management of industry, and banking (soon to come will be the Federal control and ownership [via necessary bail outs] of all Transportation: the airline industry, railroads, etc.). The advancing break down of national sovereignty by inundating illegal aliens onto American soil, granting them special and superior privileges than the actual citizens, whose back breaking work is taxed and used against them to further our own ends is also an objective of ours.

If you look at it from our point of view, its really rather quite delightful how we've managed to manipulate your thinking through the various means of propagation in the media: television, newspapers and news magazines, radio, as well as in education and the arts. Most of you don't seem to be aware of what's going on, and the few that do are marginalized, ridiculed, called such derogatory names as 'conspiracy theorists' and 'delusional low-lifes or even right-wing, bigoted, narrow minded, intolerant fundamentalists who are judgmental and uncaring (who don't have a life and feel a need to be superior by knowledge no one else possesses!)'.

Once all is in place, and our new world order begins, we will enjoy generations of rulership; enhancing ourselves to greater and greater degree with incredible technologies by which we shall perfect our bodies and minds, and acheive new levels of godhood. Other technologies to better control and ensure the submission of the lower class and increase the distance between our quite distinct races!

Unreal, you say? Preposterous, you say? The very fact that we have gotten as far as we have, and have met with no significant resistance is telling, and indicates that such a dream is well within our grasp, and nothing will stand in our way of achieving these worth while goals!

As you can readily perceive, economies around the globe are failing, and soon we will have a global currency employed which we will control exclusively. Once this happens, everything else will fall into place. As one of us once said, "Let me control a nation's currency, and I care not who writes the laws."

At the same time, we are encouraging churched people to get involved in any of the new variety of gospels - take your pick, we have a few to select from: the green gospel, the social gospel, the social justice gospel, the progressive gospel, the new age gospel, the emergent gospel, and so many others, all with the intent of corralling the church into a one world religion that a generation ago, most churches wouldn't have dreamed of joining.

I suppose the only ones who will resist with any sort of tenacity will be those militia, survivalists and their ilk that have spouted off about a 'new world order' take over for years, decades even - and with no one lending to them a concerned ear! The only other ones that will resist is that very small minority of religious fanatics who proudly consider themselves biblidolaters - those who worship a book that they claim is inspired of 'God', whatever That may be!

Internment camps await such as these, and once brushed aside into the darkness of these cells, they will be forgotten, and our agenda will proceed unhindered!

Well, that's pretty much all there is to tell; the rest of this episode of ours, you will be able to see from your television nightly news- did I say news? Silly me! I meant to say 'propaganda'! About as factually accurate as the stuff we feed your kids in school, but all the very best to make the very best servants that money can buy!

There is coming a day when the appearance of our Great Leader shall be realized, and that's the day we Globalists are looking for! We will hand over this world and its people on a silver platter to him, and he will then bring all the peoples of the world together in a harmonization of worshiping Lucifer, the All enlightened one whom we follow from this world to the next!

So this ends the confession of Devon Stonefield ~ Globalist and Member of the Power Elite.