Monday, June 28, 2010

Crimson Caplet - American Terrorists Beware - They're After You!

Another Crimson Caplet -

We've all seen or read about acts of terrorism, most notably that which transpired on 9-11. Any act of terrorism that has received media attention in the past two decades have been Islamic in the vast majority, with the use of guns, missiles, bombs . . . and planes.

We have yet to see any American terrorist, not since the days of Timothy McVey and Terry Nichols, and there's reason to believe that even in this instance, Muslims may have been involved (they certainly didn't act alone, but further investigation has been squashed).

Yet according to the Obama administration, there are American (potential) terrorists among us, and now is in process of enacting a new law -
The Violent Radicalization and Home Grown Terrorism Prevention Act.
First introduced in the US Congress in 2007 by Democratic Representative Jane Harmon, this new law passed the US House of Representatives by a secretive voice vote, but failed to pass the US Senate, after which it was believed dead until this past week when it was embraced by Obama who became the first American President to name his own citizens as a threat to his Nations security.

The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act.
Watch the following video which expresses concern about this Act and its ramifications -

The mainstream media has made no effort to inform the public of the impending Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act. The Act, which was sponsored by Congresswoman Jane Harman of California, was passed in the House by an overwhelming 405 to 6 vote on October 24th and is now awaiting approval by the Senate Homeland Security Committee, which is headed by Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut.

Read the entire article here:

This is yet another example of why this nation has strayed from its original course of liberty and justice for all; we the people have failed to keep our representatives in government (the political organization of any nation whose duty is to safeguard the liberty and rights of its people) accountable to the highest authority of the land, which by the way is not the President (he is the leader of the Executive branch of the government), nor Congress (that body that leads the Legislative branch), nor the Supreme Court (Judicial branch), but that which grants the (limited) powers to each of these and to which all of these swear an oath to uphold and protect -
The United States Constitution.
To what do we resort now, for the re-procurement of our nations liberty and well being?
I recommend 2 Chronicles 7:14.
Also consider the Call 2 Fall Prayer Movement and join up:
It's gotten serious folks; time to take action of the spiritual sort, and answer the call to fall on our knees and pray as never before!