Monday, March 15, 2010

The MATRIX-Hollywood's Education About Gnosticism!

Its funny, ironic actually, how I decided to name this blog, The RED PILL Consortium, and for reasons described in the side bar: What Is This RED Pill All About? This is an interpretation of the film of my own making.

Its an allegorial vehicle I use to convey how the Global Governance Power Elite are using the forces under their command to conceal what they are really doing with lies and obfuscation. The RED Pill in my allegory is the Tablet of Truth, the only means to discern the lies, and break away from the spiritual enslavement that seeks to undermine humanity, and drag the church along with it.

Please note: this is NOT the intention of the film makers, writers, and director of The MATRIX series at all! In fact, its something of a very different perspective!

I recently watched a video from that explains that The MATRIX trilogy is actually about Gnosticism, a subject that we've dealt with quite a lot, especially on the primary site of

Go to The Truth Under Fire and type "Near Eastern Religion" in the search engine to locate these articles (3 in number) about Gnosticism.

If you go to the GOODFIGHT web site and want to watch the presentation on how The MATRIX is a tool to educate the principles of Gnosticism, go here: and click on the 5th 'film cell' on the right side of the page (it follows the presentations of Transformers, Vendetta and Rick Warren).

I felt that this entry would be necessary in order to distance the purpose of this blog as far away as possible from the indoctrination intended by the film The MATRIX.

I hope you find this brief article useful and may the LORD continually guide you into His Truth, the Holy Bible, and use you for His Glory!

Brother James