Friday, August 29, 2008

The OLD New World Order

When Desert Storm hit in 1991, former President George Bush Sr. addressed Congress and made a speech that had many who were educated and well familiar with occultic trends towards globalism practically falling out of their chairs with shock.

He used the phrase, new world order and the majority of Americans didn't know what that was, let alone understand that this wasn't some new catch phrase. This is a term that's long been used by socialists like H.G. Wells, and occultists like Madame Blavatsky and Alice Bailey for quite some time.

In fact, here is a link that tracks the time line of people and events that helped formulate the new world order throughout the 20th century and beyond:
WW3 - Timeline to the Creation of the New World Order

Believe it or not, the actual idea and enforcement of the new world order came into being before mankind was around! Incredible, you say?

In the beginning God created everything there is, including the angelic realm, with all its various ranks of angelic beings, including the 'over seer' known as Lucifer.

It was a singular world order, in accordance with God's perfect will; until the day that iniquity was found in Lucifer's heart: What turned this majestic creature of utmost power, beauty and intelligence into a 'Satan' was the ambition summarized in two words: "I will" rather than "Thy will [be done]".

Because Lucifer imposed his will on the universe, interfering with God's own will, there was a second order created, or a new world order apart from that which was already established by Deity.

Once Satan stole stewardship over planet Earth away from Adam, he became the legal governor or 'god' over this globe (See 2 Corinthians 4:4). His influence at Babel in unifying the people together in an anti-God spirit, glorifying mankind and worshipping false deities eventually led to the establishment of the firstglobal government led by Nimrod.

It's interesting to note that in the book of Revelation, there is a vision of a woman, and upon her forehead was written: Babylon Mystery Religion: Mother of Harlots. A 'harlot' biblically speaking is representative of a false religious system, and Babylon is seen as the Mother of them all. This woman rides the Beast in Revelation, and the Beast is both the one world ruler of the time to come as well as the kingdom that he rules over.

So now as we look over the landscape, we find coalescing a one world religious system, and a one world governmental system. While far more sophisticated technologically than Babylon at the birth of civilization, its primary modes and motives are the same: a denial of God, of the Order that He established, the glorification of man, and ultimately the worship of one that has craved such ever since that day when 'iniquity' was found in his heart.

Mr. Epperson ( will gladly tell you that the 32nd and 33rd degree Masons engage in a Luciferian Rite where actual worship of Lucifer is manifested. And one day, all the world will comply with this New World Order and bow the knee to this fallen angel. Of course, those that don't and refuse the "mark of the beast" will be martyred.

The purpose of this initial entry is simply to illustrate that this 'New' World Order is anything but new, and to provide a broad perspective of this war between good and evil that has literally spanned the length (and beyond)of the history of mankind as a race.

In regards to this war, the sides must be chosen; there is no neutral ground. Polarization is clarifying the players and issues in regards to the innumerably faceted aspects of the new world order and those powers and people that are bringing it about.

Hopefully we will all grow in our understanding in what this entails, and what our responses should be.

Since I come from a very strong biblical background with a heavy emphasis on eschatology (study of last things, last days prophetically speaking) that's how I will make many, but not all presentations.

Other tracks are political and economic trends, even things from the military/industrial complex that have to do with globalism.

Still others are the means by which this new world order is deteriorating the strengths of our society, thus hindering if not outright halting our ability to fight back; such detrimental assaults on our nutrition, education, familial foundations, etc.

Some are knowledgeable of the occultic/spiritual factors that form this new world order. We will look at all of this, and more in upcoming articles!

Until then, take care, be aware and prepare!


singin4joy said...

I think your on to something here Knyhtf1re. When we look at the events of the day we see a very differant approach to the way things are accepted or not accepted based on the requirement that we need to be "politically correct" in order to "Fit in" to society. I will never compromise what I believe just to "Fit in" to society and I will not be a drone who believes everything I see on TV and read in the paper. If we go with the "flow" of the world around us we are like a frog in a pot of warm water that will soon be boiling hot and we will not realize we are boiling 'till it is too late !

eppersonra said...

First of all, I want to commend KNYHTF1RE for having the courage to put this site on the internet and to promise to add his extremely timely and Biblical truths as God so moves him.

My name is Ralph Epperson, the "Mr. Epperson" that he mentioned in his article above. I am the author of a book entitled THE NEW WORLD ORDER that documents what this new phrase means.

I wrote it in 1990, just months before President George Bush, the father, mentioned the phrase to officially announce the preparations for its arrival.

I started warning America about the coming NEW WORLD ORDER in 1985 when I toured the country and spoke in 91 cities in 31 states, promoting my first book THE UNSEEN HAND. The title of my speech was SECRET SOCIETIES AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

During that speech, I showed slides of THE GREAT SEAL OF THE UNITED STATES as illustrated on the back of the American Dollar Bill, because that is how our Founding Fathers announced "THE BIRTH OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER" (the Latin Phrase "ANNUIT COEPTIS NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM) in 1782 when they created the two circles shown on the dollar.

I would like to quote one of the world's leading proponents of THE NEW WORLD ORDER, although it is quite possible that you have never heard of him.

One of his books, entitled THE THIRD WAVE, described Mr. Alvin Toffler as "one of the world's best - known social thinkers," and that he is "a world - renowned scholar and social critic."
And that his books are being read in "fifty countries."

His book was published in 1980, and in it he described the changes that were occurring, and continue to occur, in the world.

His words are the best description of what this NEW WORLD ORDER is that I have found in my research.

This is what he wrote: (Notice that this article is in three parts, due to space limitations. Please read all three.)

eppersonra said...


Alvin Toffler's


The proverbial man in the street says the world has "gone mad," while the expert points to all the trends leading toward catastrophe.

This book offers a sharply different view.

It contends that the world has not swerved into lunacy, and that, in fact, beneath the clatter and jangle of seemingly senseless events there lies a startling and potentially hopeful pattern.

THE THIRD WAVE is for those who think the human story, far from ending, has only just begun.

Page 2:

. . . many of today's changes are not indepen-dent of one another. Nor are they random.

For example, . . . the global energy crisis . . . may seem like an isolated event.

They are, in fact, parts of a much larger phenomenon: the death of industrialization and the rise of a new civilization.

Old ways of thinking, old formulas . . . no longer fit the facts.

Page 6:

In a time of exploding change -- the existing social order crumbling, and a fantastic new way of life emerging on the horizon -- asking the very largest of questions about our future is not merely a matter of intellectual curiosity.

It is a matter of survival.

[Please go to Part 2 of 3]

eppersonra said...

PART 2 OF 3:


A new civilization is emerging in our lives, and blind men everywhere are trying to suppress it. [here he is writing about us, those in opposition]

This new civilization brings with it new family styles;[meaning single parent families, homosexual and lesbian families raising children] changed ways of working [no industrial jobs, women working in the work force] loving and living [homosexuality and lesbianism being taught as alternative lifestyles]; A NEW ECONOMY [the destruction of the FREE ENTERPRISE SYSTEM] ; new political conflicts; [communism is no longer our enemy, radical Islam is] and beyond all this an altered consciousness as well.

The dawn of this new civilization is the single most explosive fact of our lifetimes.

[Please go to PART 3 OF 3]

eppersonra said...

PART 3 OF 3:

Page 10:

Humanity faces a quantum leap forward.

It faces the deepest social upheaval and creative restructuring of all time.

We are engaged in building a remarkable new civilization from the ground up.

Page 11:

Most people . . . assume the world they know will last indefinitely. They find it difficult to imagine a truly different way of life for themselves.

They assume today's changes will somehow pass them by and that nothing will shake the familiar economic framework and political structure.

They confidently expect the future to continue the present.

Page 12:

There are many more clarifying and constructive ways to think about tomorrow -- ways that prepare us for the future and, more important, help us to change the present.

This book is based upon the assumption that the jolting changes we are now experiencing are not chaotic or random, but that, in fact, they form a sharp, clearly discernible pattern.

It assumes, moreover, that these changes are cumulative -- that they add up to a giant transformation in the way we live, work, play, and think, and that a sane and desirable future is possible.

In short, what is happening now is a quantum jump in history.

When we finally understand this, many seemingly senseless events become suddenly comprehensible. ................ End of quotation

[Please read my Closing Comments, part 4]

eppersonra said...


Ending Comments by Ralph Epperson

Please forgive me. I am a newcomer to writing for blogs, and my "character counter" is different from that of this site. Therefore, I have to further divide my three Parts.

Secondly, I didn't think about how the blog would put my comments in reverse order.

Please start by reading my comments that start with the words,

"First of all, I want to comment KNYHTF1RE . . . ."

Then find

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and then the FINAL COMMENTS, this comment.

With these comments that should end this exercise in learning blog-writing!!!


Ending comments by Ralph Epperson: To be read last!

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen!!

OUR FUTURE .......... unless we act together to prevent it!!!

I have said this for over 40 years:

"The only means a moral people can use in times of peril are moral means ........., meaning in this case, education and prayer!"

"We are to work as if it is all up to us ......... and pray as if it is all up to God!"

May God bless our efforts!