Saturday, September 20, 2008

Seven Year Anniversary To 9-11: Let's Revisit...

The following are web sites that examine the information, data, and materials relating to the events of Sept. 11, 2001.

Along with this day of tragedy, these web sites offer information of recent events and deeds that are relevant to those who wish to keep apprised of unlawful actions and plans perpetrated by the governments and para-national organizations that are seeking a one world government. Information can be accessed from these web sites as well as materials, such as dvds.

Also, in addition to these links, there have been recent emails sent to me that would prove beneficial to any who desire to learn what's going on and what's soon to happen.

I would admonish any who reads this to copy and paste or even book mark this blog into an email and send this out to any and all who desire to know the truth, no matter how grievous or alarming it may prove to be. ::::: The 9/11 Truth Movement

Welcome to the Muslim-Christian-Jewish Alliance for 9/11 Truth


911Truth Television for Public Access and More

September 11th Revisited: Were explosives used?

Here is one email that was sent to me:

Mike Adams reports on this legislation being pushed through Washington that will allow for alot more than what meets the eye. At the root of it is the eventual manditory vaccination which carries with it agents that cross the placental barrier directly into the fetus which will render it infertile. To Big Pharma, it's all about continued experimental killing while making big money in sales. The big picture of course is written on the Georgia Guidestones.

And here is another:

This message comes from an anonymous source believed to be within the US intelligence community. Some of the statements can't be verified for authenticity, but the general themes and references speak for themselves. I've researched everything that is possible to research and it all stands up. I have no reason to believe any of this is untrue. Read it and decide for yourself. -Ed <~~~ be advised there is strong language content at this site.

I almost overlooked this older email that has to do with privacy invasion from marketing and consumer relatedcorporations:

> Date: Tues, 2 Sep 2008 19:15:35 +0000
> From:
> To:
> Subject: [Caspian-newsletter-l] Katherine Albrecht on RFID featured in Scientific American
> Dear friends and supporters:
> The September issue of Scientific American magazine features an in-depth,
> illustrated article I wrote on RFID privacy and security threats. You can
> find it on newsstands and at bookstores everywhere, or read the article
> online here:
> The entire issue is dedicated to Privacy, and the editors did a stellar
> job of identifying key issues on many fronts. I urge you to read the rest
> of the magazine here:
> Scientific American is one of the oldest and most respected publications
> in America. It was an honor to be featured with so many of my colleagues
> and respected experts.
> In freedom,
> Katherine Albrecht, Ed.D.
> P.S. Note that the print version of the magazine has beautiful layout and
> photos that are not available in the online version. The Scientific
> American website offers a $4.95 downloadable PDF of the entire magazine if
> you can't get a newsstand copy but would still like to see it in all its
> illustrated glory.
> =====================================================================
> CASPIAN (Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering) is a grass-roots consumer group fighting retail surveillance schemessince 1999 and irresponsible RFID use since 2002. With thousands of members in all 50 U.S. states and over 30 countries worldwide, CASPIAN seeks to educate consumers about marketing strategies that invade their
> privacy and encourage privacy-conscious shopping habits across the retail spectrum.

> You're welcome to duplicate and distribute this message to others who
> may find it of interest.
> =====================================================================
> To subscribe or unsubscribe to the Caspian-newsletter-l mailing list, click
> the following link or copy and paste it into your browser:
> If you have difficulty with the web-based interface, you may also
> subscribe or unsubscribe via email by writing to:
> =====================================================================

Remember that nothing is to be believed on face value, but rather, these sites are provided as starting points, from which you can do your own research, and thus have the opportunity to either verify or deny such propositions as made from these sources.

Bear in mind that those who would swallow the Red Pill are those who reject the comforts of disinformation, deception, illusion and hallucination that would suggest that at most, all is well (does ANY ONE believe THIS any more???), or at the least, the dangers and impending perils are not nearly as extreme as 'conspiracy theorists' would have them believe.

Therefore, suspend any prejudices and preconceptions and examine the information provided above and seek verification. Take note that globalists are interested in disseminating disinformation in order to 'muddy up the waters' and conceal the truth and agendas that are transpiring all about us. Some of what you may read could possibly BE such disinformation, so be aware that verification from multiple sources is imperative in order to know the truth.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and spread the news!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

What A Site For Sore Eyes!

Greetings All!

I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce these web sites on the left bar for your perusal, and for any who might visit this site, since we are now a PUBLIC blog. What you see on the left column are several links to these sites, beginning with Radio Liberty, a ministry of Dr. Stan Monteith. What I like about his web site is that he offers huge numbers of resources in the way of books, videos, CD's and what not that deals quite explicitly with issues related to the new paradigm of global governance; information regarding the erosion of personal freedom, free enterprise and the sort of political process that affords a people liberty from an oppressive government are issues you will find expose materials for at Radio Liberty.

Any one who has done research into the New World Order will invariably run into Alex Jones, his videos, and web sites. I have both here on this blog: Info Wars and Prison Planet. He is a daring man who ventures forth where 'angels fear to tread' and has a wide variety of articles that can be read online, and reveals some of the inner mechanisms of our 'secret government' and various 'round table societies' that govern this planet from behind the scenes, pulling strings to make presidents and prime ministers jump and dance to their tunes. He provides latest breaking news and articles as well.

Alex has recently had Dr. Stan Monteith on his radio show, along with others, and you might find this interesting!

Koinonia House is the web site of Chuck and Nancy Missler. Dr. Missler was an exec of a number of companies, and led as CEO many other corporations, specializing in taking them out of chapter 11 type situations. He is an information scientist, and has first hand knowledge of high frontier technologies. Since then he has left all of that behind and focused on ministry of Bible teaching and specializing in biblical prophecy as an international speaker. If you want to know the latest and how relevant it is from the biblical stand point, he provides many good articles, and addresses issues that pastors and teachers won't seem to even touch. I've been the recipient of his teachings and world view perspectives and find them accurate and beneficial intellectually as well as spiritually.

With One Accord is the web site of Bill and Sharon Schnoebelen. Bill prior to his becoming a Christian had a veritable smorgasbord of spiritual experiences, just check out his bio and you will find if there's a spiritual experience to engage in, he's done it! Yet he has come to a saving knowledge of Christ, and as a result of having lived 'on both sides of the fence' as it were, he can testify and declare with authority what's transpiring in this world spiritually speaking. Be warned that he doesn't flinch when it comes to stating things as they are. He also is a good authority in nutrition and health.

Cutting Edge is a web site I'm not too familiar with, but has been endorsed by a friend and brother that I respect greatly. Cutting Edge has three objectives:

Our Goal

Our mission is three-fold:

  1. To explain the goals and aspirations of the New World Order
  2. To explain how its implementation will affect the average American citizen and family.
  3. To show how families are being influenced now, before we actually move into this system.

Our Statement of Faith and Vision Statement

World Net Daily is, I'm sure, familiar to many of you, and is an entirely independent news source. Why that's important is that the news media in our nation is subjected to and followsthe orders of the Globalists as represented in such organizations as the CFR. Find out who is the CEO in any major (or not so major) news source and you will find they are members of the CFR. Their objective is to manage media in such a way as to keep the average American ignorant of crucial national and world events.

The Berean Call is the site of Dave Hunt who is an internationally recognized author and lecturer who had forewarned of the coming new age movement when most had never even heard of it. He also deals with cults and cultic/occult movements that masquerade as 'Christian'. As I recently spoke with one of you, the new age movement is the religious arm of the new world order, and it will amalgamate the various religious thoughts of all major religions. I believe it will forge a State-sanctioned religion that all churches must comply with or else!

I've read Ralph Epperson's books several times and each time I do I learn something! His web site included on this blog will provide you with information regarding materials that he offers. His careful and meticulous research into the Masonic Order and related societies is second to none, and as Ralph would tell you himself, the goal of the Masonic Order is to eradicate Christianity and replace it with a Luciferian Order where worship of that fallen being is paramount. His knowledge of such founders of Masonry like Albert Pike is amazing. Look for entries by Ralph arriving on this blog!

Texe Marrs has been carefully watching the movements and machinations of the newworldorder and scrutinizes it with an eye for detail. Because of this, every prediction or postulation he has made has been dead center on! You will find much information here that corroborates with the other sites listed here.

Berit Kjos first started out in this field of study by examining our public school systems and wrote a book, Brave New Schools. If you're familiar with Outcome Based Education and Values Clarification, you'll be interested in knowing that Berit was one of the first to sound the alarm. I learned that John Dewey, father of our modern public school system philosophy said, "children that believe in God, parental authority, respect for the law, belief in the Bible are mentally ill, and its the teachers job to cure them"! John Dewey was a humanist, atheist and communist (and he established our present day scholastic philosophy?!!).

Mr. A.S. Jones was a hard core atheist for more than 20 years and staunchly defended his beliefs, aggressively addressing Christians and the Bible. Yet this thinking man eventually came to a saving knowledge of Christ and now offers his intellect in the service of the King.

Most globalists who want to establish a socialist entity on planet Earth subscribe at least superficially to atheism. An observation I've made is that when man rejects God, he becomes a god unto himself,and the mightier of these self made deities become drunk with power and then mutates into a monsters!

This is why its vital that leaders recognize a Divine authority and realize that they will be held accountable for how they ruled their people while on this Earth.

For those on the road towards atheism, I've included this site in the hopes that they will find the Truth, escape this 'old world order (see first entry of this blog)' and become a citizen of the One World Order which will be governed by the KING of Kings Himself in the not too distant future, in the ancient city of Jerusalem!

Emailings sent to me with other web links and articles that are quite relevant are as follows:

Center For Food Safety - Also an article regarding poisonous infiltrations into our food supplies and the global monster corporation that is literally strangling our food supplies to death, Monsanto!

Monsanto - SourceWatch

And a few more web sites: <~~ an awesome creationist web site with first rate materials, books, dvd's etc that prove intelligent design and designER: His name is Jesus!

Another email sent re:New Age Movement and a very FAMOUS proponent that's come to the forefront this past decade, and even more so just recently...

Commenting Further about New Age.. even Oprah Winfrey is in on NWO pushing New Age on the masses. I have a hunch she was selected way back for this single purpose. They built her up as an icon in order to chip away at Christianity in particular for that is NWO's big challenges. She was groomed this entire time to launch a program promoting that New Age practitioner, Eckhart Tolle.

And yet another New Age proponent from another emailer...

Dear Friends,

As someone who continues to watch the New Age absorption of the church very carefully, including spiritual manifestations currently gaining national attention, I am obligated to forward to you this extremely disturbing video.

See video here:
Finally here is a recent cutting edge news report -
Perspectives and views in these and posted web sites are not necessarily the views of this blog owner (yours truly) but then again, my views are not necessarily those of yours (readers and fellow contributors of this blog) and that's fine. It behooves us all to seek Truth and verification of such, and then share that information with others.
In the light of this, may we all take what ever steps we find necessary to prepare for these tumultuous days ahead.
Supplemental: Note - I added another link "911 Mysteries" that seems to have some very good information. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Friday, August 29, 2008

The OLD New World Order

When Desert Storm hit in 1991, former President George Bush Sr. addressed Congress and made a speech that had many who were educated and well familiar with occultic trends towards globalism practically falling out of their chairs with shock.

He used the phrase, new world order and the majority of Americans didn't know what that was, let alone understand that this wasn't some new catch phrase. This is a term that's long been used by socialists like H.G. Wells, and occultists like Madame Blavatsky and Alice Bailey for quite some time.

In fact, here is a link that tracks the time line of people and events that helped formulate the new world order throughout the 20th century and beyond:
WW3 - Timeline to the Creation of the New World Order

Believe it or not, the actual idea and enforcement of the new world order came into being before mankind was around! Incredible, you say?

In the beginning God created everything there is, including the angelic realm, with all its various ranks of angelic beings, including the 'over seer' known as Lucifer.

It was a singular world order, in accordance with God's perfect will; until the day that iniquity was found in Lucifer's heart: What turned this majestic creature of utmost power, beauty and intelligence into a 'Satan' was the ambition summarized in two words: "I will" rather than "Thy will [be done]".

Because Lucifer imposed his will on the universe, interfering with God's own will, there was a second order created, or a new world order apart from that which was already established by Deity.

Once Satan stole stewardship over planet Earth away from Adam, he became the legal governor or 'god' over this globe (See 2 Corinthians 4:4). His influence at Babel in unifying the people together in an anti-God spirit, glorifying mankind and worshipping false deities eventually led to the establishment of the firstglobal government led by Nimrod.

It's interesting to note that in the book of Revelation, there is a vision of a woman, and upon her forehead was written: Babylon Mystery Religion: Mother of Harlots. A 'harlot' biblically speaking is representative of a false religious system, and Babylon is seen as the Mother of them all. This woman rides the Beast in Revelation, and the Beast is both the one world ruler of the time to come as well as the kingdom that he rules over.

So now as we look over the landscape, we find coalescing a one world religious system, and a one world governmental system. While far more sophisticated technologically than Babylon at the birth of civilization, its primary modes and motives are the same: a denial of God, of the Order that He established, the glorification of man, and ultimately the worship of one that has craved such ever since that day when 'iniquity' was found in his heart.

Mr. Epperson ( will gladly tell you that the 32nd and 33rd degree Masons engage in a Luciferian Rite where actual worship of Lucifer is manifested. And one day, all the world will comply with this New World Order and bow the knee to this fallen angel. Of course, those that don't and refuse the "mark of the beast" will be martyred.

The purpose of this initial entry is simply to illustrate that this 'New' World Order is anything but new, and to provide a broad perspective of this war between good and evil that has literally spanned the length (and beyond)of the history of mankind as a race.

In regards to this war, the sides must be chosen; there is no neutral ground. Polarization is clarifying the players and issues in regards to the innumerably faceted aspects of the new world order and those powers and people that are bringing it about.

Hopefully we will all grow in our understanding in what this entails, and what our responses should be.

Since I come from a very strong biblical background with a heavy emphasis on eschatology (study of last things, last days prophetically speaking) that's how I will make many, but not all presentations.

Other tracks are political and economic trends, even things from the military/industrial complex that have to do with globalism.

Still others are the means by which this new world order is deteriorating the strengths of our society, thus hindering if not outright halting our ability to fight back; such detrimental assaults on our nutrition, education, familial foundations, etc.

Some are knowledgeable of the occultic/spiritual factors that form this new world order. We will look at all of this, and more in upcoming articles!

Until then, take care, be aware and prepare!